Confidence in a roller


I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t need a confidence boost now and then (or everyday!). 

This is just another way that my oils have helped me in so many ways. I wanted to share a roller blend with you that has been a dream for me, and it doubles as a rich, grounding perfume, too! The beauty of this one is that it works well for men and women alike – it has citrus and woodsy notes that make it super appealing.

These oils are tools and if they used intentionally and consistently they can truly move mountains in supporting us! 

You only need three oils for this one, and your favorite carrier oil. I love Young Living’s V6 for blends like this.

+Bergamot is a bright, citrusy scent that does wonderful things for our emotions. It instills feelings of positivity and is so uplifting. It can relieve stress and actually promote happiness!

+Cypress has a beautiful, woodsy aroma that can help you feel grounded and at peace. It’s a stress reliever, and can promote feelings of calm and happiness.
+Valor is a blend that instills feelings of courage and grounding. It may relieve tension, and has been known to boost feelings of confidence in all kinds of situations. Plus it’s scent is almost intoxicating, and many use it as a perfume or cologne! We call this our bravery oil- I keep this one with me throughout my day! 

Let’s talk about how our emotions impact us and how oils can help.

For our purposes, trauma can be defined as “any situation where you got less than you needed and were not equipped to process it.” Think short~fused, bitter, up and down, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed. Don’t think of it as a bottle of joy magically giving you joy. Think of it as a tool, a key to help you unpack it. Support. +The limbic system of the brain is primarily responsible for our emotional life and also controls functions including adrenaline flow, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction. +Our olfactory (smell) sense is almost directly connected to the limbic system, meaning simply inhaling essential oils can have an immediate and profound effect.

Who loves oils for emotions? 💁🏼‍♀️. Stop, process, breatheeeee. Reset. 

These tools are such a gift.

To make your own confidence roller, grab your favorite 10ml roller bottle and add 10 drops of valor, 10 drops bergamot and a drop or two of Cypress. I also love to sneak a hint of Lime or Grapefruit essential oil in there!  Top off with carrier oil, pop on your roller top, and you are ready to go!! Roll it on as you begin your day, and whenever you need an extra confidence boost, no matter the circumstance. Swoon. 

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March 25, 2019


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