Seaside 2018.

I needed this trip. 

So much about this trip changed pieces of me. I needed the moments just us. Away from the schedules and all the stuff- I needed them. In the ocean, the quiet conversations over snocones, the late night movies, the bike rides, the little hands grabbing mine as we focused on our family. I will never forget this trip. Each of these precious people have something in them that is unique and beautiful and something that they bring to our family and to the world that moves my heart like a mighty wave. Thank you Lord for these gifts. I cherish them dearly.

This is our summer of adventure. 

Of saying YES to snorkeling in the ocean with my kids, cannonballs into the pool under the moonlight, dance parties, building sand castles WITH them, late light movies and snuggles in our bed. It’s yes to being thankful for legs that run, eyes that see and lungs that breathe. 

We have so few years of this- I will soak in every last drop and every little moment from big to small. Im not going to miss a thing. 

The way they smile when they see me dive into a wave, the way their hair glistens in the sunset or the way their eyes light up as they soak in the wonder. Thank you Lord for these gifts- I won’t miss a moment of the beauty that they are.

Adelaide’s new little thing is she’ll place her hand on my chin and bring my face in for a kiss- so thankful to have this sweet little moment frozen forever. Yesterday she brought me a blanket and said “rock a beebee”- so I rocked her to sleep swaddled up like a tiny babe. Babies don’t keep. But thankful for every moment I’ve sealed up in my heart ❤️🌊

This trip it seemed like we LIVED out in the ocean- the kiddos loved every second of it! 

My beautiful sunshine girl, Ainsleigh. She is pure JOY and full of love and true sunshine. 
I loved having these quiet moments with her on the beach. Hearing her heart and her dreams. She makes my heart literally ache with how much I love and adore her. 

We tease that Ainsleigh’s most said sentence is “it’s okay!!!!” said in an excited voice- she truly sees the good in every moment. I love her so so so much- thankful that I have the honor of getting to be around a heart like hers. 

Last night I took her ( Adelaide) into the swimming pool under the moonlight- she kept saying “oh wow! Moooon!” I put her in my lap and told her the story of “her”. How we waited and longed for her and I knew in my heart she was meant to be, I just had to figure out the path to get there. The minute I found out we were expecting – I knew it would be a little girl, our Adelaide Grace. At the end of me brushing the hair out of her eyes, tracing her eyelashes with my fingers and telling her my words , she hugged my neck and laid her head on my shoulder- as if she truly knew what I was saying meant the world to my heart. ✨🌟

Oh Apple. She fills so many pieces of my heart. 
She is the greatest caretaker, nurturer, little mama. She is always one step beside me- my little love. 
She lights up my days and the chance to dig in the sand and hold onto her through the waves was such a massive gift to my heart. She loves big and she makes me better. 

Chris was out in the ocean helping Ainsleigh on the paddle board and motioned our Apple that it was her turn. They were in the shallow part with life vests and we were all close by but Aiden still wanted to be close to her. I watched Aiden quickly go over to her, he walked behind her and would pull her in each time a wave came where his back would be against the wave and she was tucked in his arms. He did this patiently and without asking. Then last night on the bounce houses I watched him (again without being asked) run to make sure he was always in line behind Adelaide to protect her. I love who he is so much, love with all my heart HIS heart for his sisters. 😭❤️

A birthday at the beach calls for colorful cake + strawberry cake listening to the waves and a perfect view. 🌊🌴☀️ Aiden wrote on my card “ you look like the sunset”.

Seaside 2018. Full hearts. 


July 10, 2018


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