These are the Days.

December has been so full….moving, traveling, doing….it has been a beautiful whirlwind. 
The phrase that keeps coming to mind though is that these are the days.

The days that I dreamed of for so so long. All these precious moments with family are cherished by the minute- held so tight sometimes I think my heart just might burst. 

My little Adelaide Grace 💫. 
Y’all. This crib. We bought it when I was pregnant with my first and all four babies have used it. I’ve slept in that crib, next to that crib…. I’ve rocked next to it, cried, laughed & prayed by that crib. It holds memories, motherhood and all my childhood dreams all in that piece. My throat tightens just at the thought of the day well pack it up for the last time

My two cuties all dressed in red & green for the last day of school! 

One of my favorite things in the world is those sweet quiet moments at bedtime. I have those sweet moments where I can connect with each kiddo- ask them what they need, ask them how their heart is, hear their sweet prayers uninterrupted…..have their attention just in the quiet of the night. 

Thank you Jesus for these beautiful gifts. I can’t imagine a greater one. 

Even in traveling this Christmas, I kept thinking about that saying ” home is where the heart is.”- it’s true…if they are there, its home. 

My beautiful flower girls- they were breathtaking.

Waiting for Meme and Poppie to arrive! 

Excited for 2018. I am ready. 
Christmas was magic, 2017 was life-changing….literally cant wait to see what 2018 holds.


December 28, 2017


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