one life.

 It’s the word that comes to mind instantly when I think about oils, what they have done for my family, what they have done for me & what they have done for so many people that I love.

 Families where lives have changed. 
Testimonies. Beautiful stories. 

 I have always been drawn to community…how each of us so different and all around the world can find these common threads that connect us and how we can come together in a sisterhood of sorts. 

 Who doesnt want safer, cleaner options for their homes? 

 What an honor to walk along side precious people, educating them and loving them. Watching stories blow me away day after day.

I really mean this. Had I not been in this community my eyes would never have been opened to what it means to advocate for our health. I wouldnt have heard of MTHFR ( post about my miscarriages here) or asked more questions, I NEVER would have seen a Holistic doctor and I would still be left trying to answer so many questions. 

 I haven’t shared about this yet but Aiden was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease this year and to say its been a journey is a massive understatement. 

But one of the biggest things I have taken away from it, just like I felt in my own story…. I knew better to ask questions, do more testing, seek more answers, tackle the ROOTS. 

We have tackled….. 
 sleep support, 
stress support, 
supporting healthy immune systems, 
 hormone support, 
 and a whole slew of other things 
 ( literally just is just to name a few). 

 I love knowing that there is nothing more natural and that they don’t come with horrible side effects and long term dangers like many other toxic options that are sold in stores. 

 MTHFR meant ditching the toxins. Like wiping them. 
 SO. we buy all of our detergent, dish soaps, hand soaps, cleaning, shampoos, deodorant, shave creams, makeup, baby products and more through yl now. 

 For real, go download the app on your phone “think dirty” and start scanning your makeup, your baby products, your kitchen products, shampoo, etc. 
 Be prepared, I wasn’t. 

 Ingredients that are considered poisons and have the potential to cause serious harm to my family don’t belong under my kitchen sink or in my laundry detergent!! I want to feel confident that anything that goes onto a counter top or especially that is rubbed into chubby hands is something I’m comfortable with possibly getting into their mouths. Because you know that is ALWAYS where everything goes.


In our home, it is very important to me that we carefully evaluate the products going on and in little bodies. They have growing and developing to do and things like endocrine disrupting ingredients are not welcome in my home. I want bubbles, baths, toothpastes, and lotions to be safe and beneficial for little bodies. 

 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” 

I have said it before but what an incredible thing that we have the opportunity to extend to people HOPE. 
 Hope in their health, hope in their stories, hope in their finances. 
what a beautiful responsibility and beautiful opportunity. 
 I hope and pray I never lose sight of the freedom that lies here. 

That daily I pinch myself- is this really my job? 
I get to hangout with so many unbelievable people everyday, I get to watch lives change, I get to use my gifts and watch others step into freedom. 

 I love how my friend Karis said one time, “In your relationships, I pray for that hope, joy and peace. May your interactions and friendships both old and new be completely covered in blessing. Your marriages, your parent/child relationships, your family, your friends.. I ask that the Lord fill it with the good stuff this month. Relationships can be so hard. Jesus, restore faith and give hope. Give a blast of JOY and cover it all with peace like You do so perfectly! ” 

 I adore this. It’s my prayer. 
Not only for my little fam but for all the precious people I work with everyday. 

 I often times say we get one life. 
One life to pour everything into. 

 I am going to write that again to let it soak in. 
 One life. 
 One childhood. 
 One shot. 

 I am SO thankful for what this wellness community has opened my eyes to- not only on the relationship side but on what it means to advocate for our health. 

 What it means to choose safe, clean products for my people. 

 Its changed Aiden’s story, 
 It’s changed Adelaide’s story 
Its changed mine. 

 Who is next?
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Health & Wellness

August 24, 2017


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