Lost Pines.

We just got back from a week away with friends and it was an absolute blast! 
Pool, beach, bikes, fun, sun, s’mores & more! 

I seriously live for summer with no schedules, no agenda, no rushing around- just all of us together every second! 

Growing up we always had our traditions, our favorite spots that we would travel to year after year and the memories would just soak deep into our souls. 

I want that for my kiddos. I want the holidays, the traditions, the trips to be so special and the memories and the feelings soaked up deep inside. 

I grew up going to the place that we just got back from and can remember riding bikes as a family, doing the rafts on the lazy river and making s’mores around the fire each evening. 

They were moments and feelings and memories that I took into adulthood. 

And as I sat there with this sweet fam of mine, I kept thinking- I wished so much for this. For these sweet moments with them. 

For them to experience these same moments and feelings and memories. 

We went with some of the sweetest friends in the world and our kiddos ate up every second with their buddies as did we!  

Our kiddos got to ride horses one day which was a huge hit. And one afternoon all 3 of our big kids learned to ride their bikes without training wheels- it was such a big moment! 

Adelaide squealed with joy the whole time- she just eats up watching all the action 🙂

^^^ sweet friendships that will last a lifetime

I could cry with gratitude over these people. They are so loved and so cherished. Every night as I tuck each one in I praise God for their lives, their spirits, their dreams and the gift that they are. 

Full hearts. 


June 6, 2017


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