June was one trip after the next…Lost Pines then Utah then Florida and it was an absolute blast.
Florida was literally my dream vacation!

Being with my sweet people in a house on the beach in Watercolor Florida was everything I hoped it would be….. a place I hope we go back to many many times!

Summer is seriously my favorite….doing life without the schedules and constant of school and activities….just a slow pace of all being together all the time….it makes my heart literally sing. 

^^^ our home for the week! 

Like one minute from the house ( walking or riding bike distance) there is a row of the CUTEST food trucks and we would get these amazing giant snocones everyday, swoon! 

Adelaide LOVED the beach and the water and the sand!

Lots of amazing beach naps! 

The kids were in heaven. Not only was the beach a blast, but there was a pool nearby that we went to all.the.time! Plus bikes, great eating and tons of shopping 🙂

One morning we were out there early and Aiden spotted this huge, beautiful stingray right on the beach edge! Made his whole day! He also got to go out on Fishing trip the second day and he caught a bunch….he loved it!!

^^^ My everything wrapped up in one photo 🙂

Rainbow cake, looking out at the ocean, on our beautiful porch. SO GOOD.

I may or may not have gotten way too many bathroom design ideas being at this house and Chris is already working away 😉

Every single moment shared with these precious people is the ultimate gift…I am so grateful and will forever cherish every little memory and moment with all my heart. Love xoxo


June 30, 2017


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