Us Lately.

I told Chris today, I’m going to miss this season of life so much someday. Bouncing babies, braiding hair, dance parties, silly fun. It’s literally what I’ve always dreamed of. ❤❤❤

My sunshine girl Ainsleigh is almost done with Kindergarten, how is this even possible? She is reading and doing tennis and ballet and still lighting up every room she walks in!

She literally oozes light, friendship, love, confidence, kindness and sunshine. 

She has a confidence about her and this deep love for people yet also a tenderness that is so unique. She loves big and blesses my little heart on the regular. I constantly look at her and think, wow she’s six years old and inspires me like crazy. 

I was thinking last night in the quiet of the night how lucky my kid’s future spouses are. How I pray for them now, I pray that they love and cherish and adore my babies the way that I do each of them.

As they get older and our conversations get deeper, the more and more proud of these people that we are raising. Their sweet spirits, their hearts…. The Lord is so sweet to trust me with these precious souls.

My Aiden. Almost a third grader!!! He is still so incredibly tender, kind, precious….besides growing taller, his sweet spirit hasn’t wavered a bit. I love hearing the things his teachers say about him and the notes that come home in his bag from kiddos in his class…basically a 100% confirmation that everyone else sees in him exactly what we cherish and adore about him so very much. You’re one of a kind Aiden Wiegand! 

So much has been going on, its such a sweet season over here! 
Something I have been meaning to share for any mamas of tiny ones that has been such a blessing to me in this season….. since so many times a day is spent rocking my sweet Adelaide and also throughout the night…I put a good playlist on my phone. 

Mellow music, worship music….put it on softly while you’re in this quiet moments and its so sweet. I also have my bible study on my phone to just take that time to slow down, pray over my kiddos, let the sweet music wash over us. Its really great.

8 months yesterday!!! What in the world?! She is such a precious pumpkin that we are all literally obsessed with! I truly can’t imagine our world without yet…and yet after such a long season of losses….daily I look at her and say- I still cant believe you are here! 

She is so so incredibly loved and cherished! 

My sweet Apple, born such a nurturer. 

Sometimes I will hear dishes clanking and Im like “Apple!! you do not need to be going in and putting away dishes! go play!”- she literally just has it ooze out of her…. serving her family with the sweetest, softest spirit. She LOVES to help, love, give. She’ll over-heard someone say something and already be sprinting to go and get it for them. 

I read a bible study this morning about “making room”…. hospitality in the bible and making room for others. This is my Apple. She LOVES to watch over and protect and take care of her baby sis. Oh and her kitty Simon gets “mama-ed” THE sweetest. 

My little Appie girl. I know she’ll always look out for all of us, it’s just in her from such a young age.

Hope everyone has a beautiful week! 
Counting the days to summer over here! 


April 4, 2017


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