Noni Bee.

When I was introduced to NoniBee, I instantly fell in love. As an artist myself, I was instantly drawn to her style, colors and designs- swoon! 

My kiddos LOVE the feel of NoniBee clothing and I have been told more than once- “Mom wash these so I can wear them again tomorrow! “

She truly has such an amazing collection and is a favorite of ours in the Wiegand home! 

My girls love pairing all of the various patterns and colors-so many adorable options! 

“Peri is an artist, turned midwife, turned mom, turned Noni Bee founder. All of the prints start out as drawings, get hand carved out of rubber or linoleum, are stamped, and then digitally manipulated. It is a super labor intensive process, but is so much fun! We pride ourselves on running an ethical small shop.”

“When her daughter was born, I wanted her to have original, comfortable clothing that had personality while not being too girly or fussy. I was frustrated by the available options, so I learned to sew and made most of her clothing myself. I fell in love with the process and drew upon my fine arts background as I created pieces for her that we both loved and felt good about. I always want the clothing I give to my daughter – whether it be sewn by me or purchased – to be high quality and ethically made, and I want it to fit for more than one season. I created noni bee with these same ideals in mind– long-lasting, natural, sustainable clothing with personality.

The name noni bee comes from my daughter’s nickname. Noni was the first thing she called herself when she began talking. Taking her lead, my husband and I started calling her Noni, which somehow turned into Noni Baloney. We eventually shortened it to noni bee, and it stuck.”


30% off coupon code:  holiday30 
it is for 30% off all ready made items, excluding custom items and fabric. 

*post sponsored by Nonibee, all thoughts and opinions are my own


November 22, 2016


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