a 2 year journey.

Two years ago our journey truly began with a life transformation. Before our world was rocked with oils we were aware of what we were putting in our bodies food-wise. I feel like a lot of people are like that, it’s the more obvious route. Then I listened to this class about the stats from how much we ingest through our skin my mind was blown. 

A woman mentioned her kids walking barefoot in the yard where fertilizer had been, the amount that gets soaked in through deodorant, shampoos and makeup. Not to mention vitamins and medicine and all kinds of cleaning supplies in our homes. I realized how much of this was me and my sweet little family. 

Im forever grateful now for how our life has transformed. Forever grateful that I can know I am doing all I can for them and for myself. It was never about coming up with more money to buy these products, it was just moving the budget. It was just buying from YoungLiving instead of other places! 

Every night I go into each kiddos rooms…. I turn on their twinkle lights, their sound machines and their battery operated tea candles by their beds. 

I fill up their diffusers with lavender or peace and calming or stress away and I give each one a little foot massage with SleepyIze oil on their feet as we say our bedtime prayers and talk about our day. 
Im so thankful for these little bottles – they have changed everything! 

The biggest mistake I see with oils is that people use them once in a tizzy- in my experience oils need to be used daily. They don’t work the ways we might be used to. Plants are powerful and amazing and they have changed things for my family in countless ways. 

The list goes on and on!!! Our mindset on wellness and what we put IN and ON our bodies has been transformed!

I can tell you I never in a MILLION years would have thought this would be me. 

Never thought I would use oils or be on this path…yet here I am! Then I got the MTHFR diagnosis ( read here) and I even more so realized that my body couldn’t process toxins like others could. 
I became even MORE aware of what was going on my skin and coming into our home. It opened my eyes to what I was choosing for my family. I realized there was no greater investment than to do this for them. for me. 

It became the highest priority! 
So the journey began health wise. 

I could go on and on. But if you want more info, please email me! check out my website. do your research….oils don’t have to be intimidating!

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Skeptical, nervous, have questions?? email me! I would love to talk! 

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Health & Wellness

June 29, 2016


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