Bedtime Prayers.

Every night I wish I had recorded their bedtime prayers. 

They are so sweet and so full of innocence and precious wisdom. A sweet snippet from Aiden last night, ” Dear God thank you thank you thank you for my mom’s life so she can be with me, and my life so that I can be her kid.” 
 His heart is so pure and full of light. I have never experienced a love before like the love from my babies. It’s powerful.
 I have learned so much this year. This year was going to be stretching for us with Aiden going to school everyday. I know everyone does whats best for them but I have always been one who likes all my chickadees under the same roof. Just two day kinder last year was a big adjustment. 
I have learned this year about letting my sweet boy grow and even fall a bit. I want to catch them at every waking moment, I want to protect them and fiercely fight for them….but being at school all week he has forged new territory alone this year. This was hard for me. But you know what, its been so good for him. Had I gripped tighter when I felt the Lord asking me to trust, I may have never experienced the beauty we have seen in growth this year. 
Lately I have had so many confirmations that this was the best move for my sweet boy. How did no one tell me that being a mama would stretch my heart every which way? , how day after day I have to lay my trust at the Lord’s feet- how daily I hand over their precious lives and say “okay I trust you with them. You know better than I.”

I love them so so very much, so grateful for this sweet opportunity called life to watch them fly. 


January 16, 2016


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