White Floors and thoughts on Motherhood.

Danielle left Sunday night and at some point in the evening Chris walked over to the old carpet and pulled up a corner, “lets risk it, lets pull it up!”

We had been hesitant to pull it up because we weren’t sure what we would find underneath!!
Turns out it was beautiful and just asking to be painted white :). I have been dreaming of white floors for 3 years now and finally we are making it happen!

So, the paint needs to dry for 7 days which means rooms blocked off, furniture everywhere, my desk spread out across the kitchen table. Last night I was sitting with the kiddos at a teenie minnie mouse kids table in the middle of the kitchen, Christmas music playing as we ate a homecooked meal together. They were laughing and dancing and eating. For a moment I couldnt catch my breath. There is so much beauty in our everyday moments, you just have to have your eyes open. 

I started telling them how I have dreamed of being a mama as long as I can remember and that these moments with them, this life with them is truly a dream come true for me. They all looked at me with wide eyes and open hearts- I know they hear me, like truly hear me when I tell them what they mean to me. 

What a gift it is to love little ones. To open your heart vulnerably to a little soul, to guide them/teach them, to have the blessing of seeing their smallness and modeling them what love and kindness is. 

It was there, over our minnie mouse table, that I was yet again reminded of this beautiful responsibility I have been given. 


November 20, 2015


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