My sweet family is in town from Wednesday- Sunday and we are just in absolute heaven! We only get to see them once a year and every minute spent with them just floods me with memories of my childhood! 

Everyone got in Wednesday night and everyone stays at my parents home. It is soooo fun!!! Thursday morning we came over early and spent the day eating, laughing, catching up…and traditional bingo games and ping pong tournament! 

The whole crew! 

Aiden pulled out his reptiles for everyone to “meet”!!

Kids table! 

Then Friday morning we drove out to my grandparents house and ate lunch all together. Then went for family bowling. Not sure if I have laughed harder in a long time! 

Also my guy made it to the semi finals for PingPong and dominated at bowling- we had so much fun! 

Appie stealing a nap after Thanksgiving food! 

Tonight after bowling everyone came back to our house and we were able to watch Chris’ film (that won) the 168 film festival! We decorated for Christmas early because we knew everyone would be in town and coming here ( and because I loveeee it) – it was such a sweet special evening with everyone we love here in our home. 

All of my childhood memories revolve around my family and all of the memories sealed into my heart- the laughter, the fun, the falling asleep by the fireplace, the Christmas music, the delicious meals, the stories, the people, the late night movies, the silly games. Family is everything. Truly. And to see my babies now have a taste of the fun, a huge dose of the special- it means so incredibly much to me.

Heart is so full. 
And so excited for another full day tomorrow!


November 28, 2015


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