From the minute I realized we were going to have a little girl, I was so excited about all of the adorable accessories! Is there anything cuter than a sweet little girl hat?! 
Also with three NICU stories near and dear to my heart, I absolutely love her heart behind this business- it’s so incredibly beautiful.

We are completely smitten with this adorable BluTaylor hat- Appie and Ains have both loved wearing it nonstop! So excited to share her and her shop and her story today! 

“My name is Katie. I am the creator & inventor of the BluTaylor™ designs! Every single BabyTurban™ is hand-sewn and created in love for you and the baby girls you love. Over a year ago, I gave birth to my fourth baby. It was a girl. I have four beautiful babies all together; a 6-year old girl, a 4-year old boy, a 2-year old boy and now, my 1-year old girl. I get the honor and privilege of staying home with them, including having the opportunity to homeschool them. As any full-time, stay-at-home mom will tell you, it’s a big job but a rewarding one! However, I’ve always wanted to create something unique, have fun selling it, but be able to continue to stay home with my kids. 

After my youngest was born, I sat down on the couch with her and like all newborn babies occasionally do, she threw up. In this case, she threw UP into her hat. It was the normal, generic hospital hat. It was plain and ugly but the only thing that fit her because she was so tiny. I tried different hats on her and they just sat so strange on her head so I became a woman with a mission! 

After tweaking the designs, both the Vintage ruffle and the Classic bow, it was the beginning of the BluTaylor™ designs!! It was an exciting moment to realize I had created a product that was authentically unique! I am a Christ-follower. I truly believe that God heard my cry for creativity and my cry as a stay-at-home mom for a glimpse of something new and exciting. God sent my supportive husband and the most precious women that pulled me close and encouraged me to step out in faith. As an entrepreneur and a woman of the most creative God, I encourage you to be creative. Creativity brings such sweet refreshment. It brings ownership and excitement. 

 BluTaylor™ was founded in the Summer of 2014 under it’s original name, BabyTurban™. It didn’t start as anything flashy. It simply started as the solution to a new mom’s frustration with infant hats on her tiny newborn baby. Our Patent Pending designs are lightweight and comfortable. They provide coverage for their delicate ears while staying up out of their eyes. BluTaylor™ is first and foremost a Missional business. When you buy a BluTaylor™ turban, we get to donate mini-versions to current Preemies and Micro-Preemies all around the U.S. We call this our Preemie Program. You can contact your local BluTaylor™ retailer for more information or simply submit your Preemie information at 

Now, does a premature baby need a mini-BluTaylor™ turban? 
Maybe not, but the families do. 

They need that moment of normality, that moment to laugh, to swoon, to get a gift and feel blessed. We want to help provide a moment of Hope in the midst of it all. If you would like to join with us to celebrate BluTaylor™ Preemies and their homecomings, follow @shopblutaylor on all social media platforms. Every BluTaylor™ turban is hand-sewn, with care to detail and every detail has a purpose. If you’ve noticed, starting August 2015, BluTaylor™ has begun using signature BLUE thread in ever turban regardless of the material. This symbolizes the HOPE that runs through every turban we make. It’s more than just a turban, it’s Tailor-Made Hope, or BluTaylor

 Use Coupon Code:

WiegandFreeShip for Free Shipping on U.S. orders.


October 20, 2015


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