her little eyes.

Goodness their sweet little eyes are watching. 
Every morning I have one of my girls nestled up next to me mirroring my every move. Mama, I want to wash my face with you, mama can I do my makeup like that too? Mama lets brush our teeth. What is that? Can I use it too?

I love these sweet moments. Sweet moments that are fun and playful, moments that I show them my favorite way to curl my hair and the way I use my favorite lip gloss. We always wind up laughing so hard, memories that I seal into my heart.

But I also am weighing the gravity of these moments- how will they remember these moments. I want them to carry the truth of my words as I tell them how fun it is to be girly and playful with hair and makeup but that their beauty comes from their inside. Their beauty comes from who they are. 

This morning walking Aiden into school in the rain, my sweet Ainsleigh ran out from under the umbrella, arms stretched wide, face up to the sky. Full of life and adventure. She wanted to FEEL the rain, she wanted to experience it. She kept saying- being out in the rain was so fun! How do I always preserve that free spirit? How do protect it?

I want them to cherish these moments, I hope when they are grown they always remember these silly conversations and life lessons over hairspray and bows. Every night when I head in to take off my makeup and wash my face, they both come sprinting at the sound of the doorknob turning…they start pulling out the soap and towels and pulling up stools…I know these are moments that they love. 

Last weekend I saw the movie, War Room and went in not knowing a thing about the movie. WOW, it was a powerful message about prayer. It rocked me and changed me in many many ways but it also made me think of my littles. They are watching. Are they seeing me carry things not meant for me to carry? Or do they see me go to prayer? Do they see me up early in my “war room”?

Even now in the evenings I hear Aiden mirror parts of my prayers mixed in with his own…they are seeing how we navigate life, how we respond to others, how we see ourselves…and what better accountability is there than that?

Their little eyes see. 


September 9, 2015


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