He shows me.

I always think… God made me and He knows me. He knows how I want to be loved and pursued and He has always always been true to that with me. Even in seasons where I have felt like “what is going on???” – even then, I knew with complete certainty He was there with me through it. 

Last year was hard. 
A lot of the past years were hard but when I chose the word “brave” for 2014 little did I know just how much I would need it. He placed that in my path for a reason- He wanted me clinging to that word. 

Then heading into 2015 I couldn’t shake the word “freedom”- there was no question that was our word ( read here). Time and time again I have seen this word playing out…us stepping into freedom in so many areas. Affirmation after affirmation. 

Chris left a week ago for LA because his film Riva is being shown at the 168 film festival. 
10 nominations!

A few nights before the awards show I went to check on their site what time they would begin on Sunday and there it was…”the theme for the festival for this year is FREEDOM.”

I started crying on the couch. It just moved me so much, another affirmation. 
This is symbolic for SO many reasons. This is Chris’ first time putting work “out there” again after American Blogger, 
this is our word, this is our season, FREEDOM.
Of course that was the theme! 

Aiden was worried and asking me why I was crying…” happy tears baby! Sometimes God speaks to us in sweet ways and it makes mama cry.”

I love how yet again God was whispering ” Case, I got you, I am here with you guys through it all.”

again, freedom. 
the symbolism

I called Chris, told him to get ready because I was positive he was going to WIN, be affirmed for all his incredible talents.

Then Sunday evening the texts rolled in. 
Best Director.
Best Editor.
Best Cinematographer

then others for the film: best actress, best supporting actress, best scriptural integration. 

Riva was the 2015 168 film festival winner! 

It helps me walk in confidence when I know He’s in it. Even the stuff I can’t possibly understand. 
I believe with my whole heart that 2015 is the spring after the long rain. It is the year of FREEDOM. 

Last night with tears in my eyes I thought, I cannot wait to share this story, HIS story! 

( read a great review here)


September 2, 2015


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