cinderella, a note to my girls.

Tonight I took my Ainsleigh on a little date to see Cinderella…. I knew it would be a fun special girls night…what I didn’t know is how much I would completely love this movie. So much I want to teach my girls about being kind and brave and full of light and love and through a fun fairytale I felt all of these messages being hard pressed on my heart. Her softness yet strength, her unwaivering spirit, the way her love touched people. I want that. I want to model that for my girls, I want them to carry that message with them always. 

And then the tears. Tears as she stood there in a tattered dress and cinders on her face with the question that I feel like is deeply engrained in our souls whether we want to pretend is there or not,    “am I enough?” .     Can I be enough just as I am? 

So much of the world, the social media, the peer pressure- I want them to know they are enough. They have always been enough. 

Sometimes when I think back on the middle school and highschool Casey, the one that tried to keep up with the social race….I want to scream and shake her! None of it matters! No one will care years from now…just be you! Be yourself! 

Take the long bike rides and go to movies with your parents…everything you think you have to be and do- you don’t. Be artsy and out of the box. 

You don’t have to wait for someone else to tell you that you are worth something. 
And then there is the burning questions….what am I doing now that falls in the same category? 

What am I chasing? 

I cried through the movie, so much about Cinderella already reminded me of my girls. The blonde hair and brown eyes like my little Appie. The tenderness yet strength in my Ains. The beauty in them both- yet knowing they will face the question that we all have to face, am I enough as I am?

We got home and Ainsleigh sprinted to her room, grabber her dress and shoes and put them on. Then within minutes grabbed a brush, sparkly chapstick and a curling iron- ” mama I want messy curls like Cinderella!” mama, does my dress twirl like hers? 
Chris asked her what her favorite part of the movie was, I turned around eager to hear what her sweet little 4 year old answer would be. ” It was when the Prince saved her!” 

So many messages swirling around, so much of it so deep in our beings from when we are so small.  
My beautiful baby girls, you are enough. You are beautiful. Not only on the outside but your hearts are beauty and that is what matters even more. 

Your hearts are pure and precious and good. 
Hold onto that and let the rest go. Be you. Be lights. 

Like she said…be courageous, be kind. 
let your love always be your light. 


March 15, 2015


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