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It’s been a good week, the sunshine is so good for my soul. We went to the zoo Monday and had an absolute blast. Watching Aiden just come alive there is so priceless to me. His love since he was a teeny boy for all things reptiles, dinos, dragons has never once wavered. 
The whole day felt like one big adventure! 
He had his Valentine’s party in his Kindergarten class today and it was beyond precious. I love hearing the stories about him while he is away, hearing the prayers he says and the way he loves his classmates. It’s amazing how much my heart has shifted in this area. Seeing that it was so hard for me to share him for so long, so hard for me to let others love him well. And now to see his precious teacher and everyone at his school adore the things about him that I cherish so dearly, to see them love him well…there is literally no greater gift in the world. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the gratitude I have for what this school year has been for him. 
It’s so sweet too to see Apple and Ainsleigh’s friendship develop. The days that he is gone, to see them play and snuggle and laugh…to experience sisters, it’s beautiful.
My sunshine girl, Ainsleigh, started ballet in January and smiles the entire hour she is in there. She ADORES it. All things pink and girlie- she is obsessed. She wants the braids, the sparkles, the nailpolish- all of it! Her recital is in a few months and I am not even sure my heart will be able to handle it :).
Little Apple is growing and changing by the day. She is SUCH a little mama, it is soooo so sweet. She never doesn’t have a baby in her hand….she bathes them, rocks them, feeds them, loves them….. my little mini mama. 

We have been filming alot for our new show with The Design Network and it has been absolute blast to work on this project as a family. This first episode is going to be our new Chicken coop for our sweet chickens…. do you think the kids are having fun??

^^ a fun little sneak peek!! ^^

This might sound silly but since moving into this new house there has been such an overwhelming shift. A really good shift. It was such a good move for us…. we adore this location in Dallas, we adore this home…I love the way the light pours into every little space. Everything feels right being here. 

Hope everyone has a beautiful Valentine’s day and a great weekend! Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite…hope everyone is able to celebrate those that you love 🙂


February 13, 2015


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