pieces of you.

Aiden starting school has blessed me beyond measure for reasons I never anticipated. The minutes, hours, days, spent agonizing over sending him to school after him being with me every waking moment until kindergarten and then the beauty happened.  I see my boy blossoming in big beautiful ways. Through bedtime conversations and long carride talks I can hear what is happening in his heart and it’s the most beautiful thing .. I know he is digging gardens and listening to classical music and appreciating art.
 Things that are important in our home, are important at this school- and to me, that is priceless. I still get him home on some of the week days but for a few days I get to share him and I get to hear how he sees the world without me.
 I get to hear how others see and appreciate my little A, how they adore the same things in him that I do. 
Those growing pains hurt a little.
The same mama who cried in the elevator dropping her boy off for an hour at Sunday School has unclenched her fists and is watching her boy sprout his wings. It feels good to watch him soar. 
Finding friendships and people to do life with is the beauty also. Mamas and dads that Chris and I can walk alongside starting in Kinder all the way through life, our babies can grow up together, late night pizza talks, carpools to soccer, opening up our hearts over lunchables and through the diaper changes.  Ive said it before. but there is such a value to finding your village, your people- and once you do clinging on with gratitude that you have found each other.
 I believe that God uses people in our lives to pour out and show us His love for us through them. That is the most special thing in the world. 
People that forever have pieces of you. 
I look through these photos and can’t help but just think, these are the days! This is it, I am in it! The days I forever longed and ached for! Late night bedtime stories, catching grasshoppers, pillowfights and dance parties. Sweet conversations early in the morning before the sun rises and those sweet sweaty arms wrapped around me as I still carry them to bed. This is what my heart beats for. These are the moments that pass as quickly as they come and the ones that I will look back and long for. Today I shall soak them in, the beauty of motherhood has forever rocked my soul. Experiencing a love like no other.

People that forever are pieces of you…that wins the prize for beauty.



October 10, 2014


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