Tomorrow morning we leave for a quick mini road trip for the weekend, get back Sunday night, then I leave early Monday morning to go speak at the conference Pursuit31 in Georgia. I am so excited and have been thinking through all week what all I am going to share.

All week when driving in the car, I just keep asking, what is it that you want me to share?  Is there anything more freeing and inspiring than driving down the highway, windows down, sun gleaming over the horizon and the music blaring? It moves me in such a big way. The same way an ocean reaches out and touches my soul or a gorgeous mountain takes my breath away. The same way a good cry can feel so good or in a moment when you decide to just let it all go and the freedom floods you. 

I keep feeling it over and over again, your story. Your story is all you need. That goes for anyone. There is purpose and redemption in our stories and in our lives. 
I have walked roads that I didn’t want to walk.  Roads I thought I never would. But it makes it better when you know that your story might move someone. Parts of life have truly broken me. They busted me right in half and when I stood up and began letting the pieces come back together I was able to see that it’s better to be on the other side of pain. Because if you let it, it makes a better you.

I get to share about Chris walking away from his job when we had a negative bank account, no savings and how God made himself real to me when He provided what we needed to the dollar. I get the honor of sharing how He met me at my darkest pain and how He covered me in those moments. I get to share about 3 NICU babies and 2 babies that went to Heaven early. How compassion and tenderness comes from walking through loss. How He led us through big leaps like starting an art studio and through the decision to make American Blogger. How Chris rode out in His kayak and prayed that if we were supposed to sell our house that a realtor we had met with a year before would email him sometime that month and it would be confirmation that that is where we were being led. And that the realtor text him within the same hour saying ” I had it on my calendar to follow-up with you on this morning all these months later.” I get to share how Real our God is, and how real He makes Himself known to me. How three different times in the last 6 months different women in my life have given me a message… all saying God put it on their hearts to share with me, all the same message, all the same verse. I get to share how God has humbled me and changed me.

I get to share my life.

And when we know our purpose and start running full speed towards it, it changes everything. It gives you a confidence that can’t be shaken. The God I know is big and real and powerful and I believe He can take little me with my small story and He can make Himself known in a mighty way.
We have a responsibility to use the gifts we have been given. I believe that as we use them and put them on display for His glory, it’s a beautiful picture of us returning them to Him. 
My life isn’t mine to begin with, so I will gladly share it. 



September 19, 2014


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