A few weeks ago I wrote this post. I have been entering into a season of freedom. Freedom from wishing people in my life would be a certain way, freedom from debt, freedom from ideas of how my life would go, freedom to live simply and with adventure….a lot of change. I mentioned two big things happening in our life in that post. One was that (at the time) we were pregnant…obviously I had no idea what these past two weeks would hold. The second big thing happening in our world is that we are moving. It’s exciting and terrifying and exhilarating all mixed into one. 

Leaving this home is a lot more than just leaving a home. It’s where Chris grew up, it’s a house of redemption, a home filled with memories, with our stories in its walls. It’s a home I have lost in, grown in, changed in and brought all of my babies home to in. It has been emotional and beautiful mixed together like a ballet of feelings. Dancing and moving and changing day by day.

It’s a home that Chris has built and remodeled with his own hands. His blood, sweat & tears are in these walls. It’s been a labor of love, a piece of him, his story.

This past two weeks in the midst of our loss, our home has been empty, filled with boxes and memories stored away.

Just taking it a year a time, a day at a time…step by step.

We have danced with the idea of selling our home for years now. We could never decide, could never walk away from it and through various un-coincidental things we knew that God made it clear this was His desire for us. I keep feeling the word free hard pressed into my soul. Like he is chopping at bondage in our lives and we are entering into a season of grace and freedom.

I feel so overwhelmed with peace. His peace.

I want a beautiful adventure with my family. I want to stand with open hands for what God has for me and run full speed towards it.

This home will forever hold my heart. A huge, beautiful piece of who my husband is. It will hold in its walls our tears and our laughter. It will hold the memories of my babies playing in the backyard and me rocking them in the middle of the night. It has seen me at my worst and yet seen us change into who we are today.

It is a beautiful piece of us and will forever be held closely to our souls.



July 11, 2014


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  1. where are you moving to?

  2. Abra says:

    oh casey. i totally get this. we moved about a month ago after selling our home (which we thought was our forever home) and moving 20 hours away from family–from the place i called home for 30 years. but we did it for freedom. we wanted to free ourselves of stuff and downsize and we wanted financial freedom. it has been bitter sweet, but oh so good. i'm excited for your adventure ahead, it will grow you all in so many ways! XO –abra

  3. Casey, I have never actually seen your whole home before. Just pictures of the beautiful rooms. It would be hard for to leave a beautiful place like that too. This is a new journey for you and your family. I am excited to see where it will take you. Good luck on the move! I am excited to read the updates.

  4. Nay says:

    Blessings on this new adventure. I'm really happy that you are taking steps towards His plan for you and Chris! Can't wait to hear about everything that develops from this big decision. Your in His hands which is the best place to be and I know His plans for you will be so very awesome. Happy for you friend! xoxo

  5. Katy H says:

    I am so looking forward to following you all on your big move! Wherever it may be, I know you will capture the experience so beautifully as always. Wishing you the very best on your new adventure!

  6. Leaving the home that has been the backdrop for so many life events is so emotional. We are currently living in the home that has been in our family for going three generations. And though we are quickly outgrowing it, the thought of leaving is too much. I think the word "free" is the perfect description for how it feels when we step out in faith to do what God has placed on our hearts. Praying that God goes before and blesses your move more than you can think or imagine.

  7. wow–what beautiful memories and such an exciting adventure ahead. You'll be so glad for all of the awesome photos you have kept. 😉
    Much aloha–and finally linking up–I always mean to…;)

  8. bethany says:

    We moved last year, invested the equity, downsized into a fixer-upper and are starting from scratch in a smaller (but well-loved home). Ours was a step of faith, too, and I can say God is faithful and good. He will surprise you still with more than you can imagine. Blessings to you in the process, friend. xx

  9. Katie says:

    I so know how this feels, as my husband is in the Air Force and 3 1/2 years ago, we moved 18 hours from Denton, TX to Las Vegas, NV on his orders. In less than 2 years, we'll move back to the house that my parents and I renovated, that they're currently living in. That house has my dad's fingerprints all over it, and we cannot wait to call it home again. It was where we lived together shortly after we got married, where my parents downsized into, where my parents will bring foster babies to, and where we'll move our little family back to.

    Best of luck in ya'lls move!


  10. Andrea says:

    My family is in the midst of this same change. We have been prepping for months and are now just days away from listing our home for sale. It is so hard. Not only is it the only home my husband and I have shared and the home we have brought both our babies home to… but it was my childhood home also. I have a lifetime of memories here. While we know it is time and it is the right thing for us to be doing it is also hard and a process that is so filled with many emotions. Good luck to you and I'm excited to hear whats to come for your beautiful family.

  11. I totally get this. One of my dear friends and her family just left one house to move to another, and I felt like I was more emotional about it than they were! Here's wishing lots of the same and some new feelings/experiences/memories in the next home!

  12. amy+mayd says:

    LOVE. love the soul of your photos in this post.xo

  13. Tanya says:

    I love all the fun changes you're going through with the move! I Something about the unknown is just so exciting!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Hey sweet friend. Just want to encourage you. Nick and I moved away from our family (23 years ago) and in this circle of life we have now experienced one of our girls moving away from us. It is never easy but we have gained so much from all of it. Leaving the house part with all the memories made is so incredibly hard. In our 26 years of marriage, we have moved 19 times (due to military and ministry) and I always worried about my girls not having a "home" they could come back to filled with all their memories of childhood. Now that they are grown, they love talking about all the places and houses we've lived over the years..laughing at some and cringing at others but mostly about how it was us…the five people who lived there….that made each house feel like home. Wherever y'all end up…whatever the Lord has in store for you I know y'all will make wonderful memories and fill it with new adventures. Can't wait to follow along and watch it unfold.

  15. Katie says:

    Beautiful home and beautiful memories…wishing you peace in this season of change for your family..


  16. Tania says:

    good luck in your new adventure sweet Casey 🙂 thanks for sharing with us your life, your family and your heart

  17. La Pepa says:

    I am sure you will create an amazing place wherever you'll be. Take care!! 🙂

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