we share a love.

The first thing that I noticed about Chris on our first date was his smile. I remember standing in the waiting area at the restaurant staring up at him and he broke out into the biggest most genuine beautiful smile and a part of my heart melted away forever.

We have been spending long days at the pool and playing outside a lot so far this summer and that makes for tired babies at bedtime. Last night we got in the car at sunset, rolled the windows down and turned up the music. I started driving and Aiden said, “you feel this too mama?! ” Yes baby! I feel it! This is what summer feels like, this is what it is all about!

Our sweet Apple is funny about her bed, she likes being in her room, with her own space when she is ready to sleep. She doesn’t want to cuddle up in our bed or snuggle a little longer, when she is ready for bed she wants her routine. Well tonight I laid her in my bed for a moment while she drank her milk and I finished up cleaning the kitchen. We had a long day outside and then friends over for dinner so I thought I’d lay her there for a few minutes before I put her down.

About 2 minutes later Chris and I walked into our room and both saw that she had fallen asleep there. Completely sprawled out in the middle of our king sized bed, her tiny body was sound asleep. This never ever happens. Immediately a few steps ahead of me Chris turned around and broke into that huge melting smile that I fell for him in the first place. In a moment where time froze,  I realized the significance of us sharing a love, our kids.

Marriage is such a journey and yet with all that comes with it there is something so beautiful about sharing the love of your children with your life mate. They are parts of both of you wrapped into one, you know all their quirks and needs and little secrets and in a moment like something small ( Apple falling asleep in our bed) we share a moment that only the two of us could appreciate on this level.

The unbelievable bond of creating and raising children together, loving them deeply and knowing them…this beautiful thread that connects the two of you for life.

We share a love. Three of them.



June 6, 2014


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  1. Kelsey says:

    Beautiful!! I couldn't agree more! Love the sweet connecting moments with my hubby that make me know so deep down that there's no one else I'd rather be on this crazy journey with! God bless you sweet friend!

  2. I smiled so much when I read what Aiden said. I think you mentioned it on IG as well 🙂
    And I can understand falling for that smile.

    You are a beautiful family. As much on the inside as the outside I'm sure.

  3. so, so beautiful. i feel this way so much now that we have a baby. bonds us together in such an incredible way!
    Whitney @ Journey Mercies

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh. . .I had these exact thoughts today. Suddenly saw my husband's features in my daughter 🙂 It's amazing to have a strong partner to share this parenting experience with!

  5. amy+mayd says:

    Beautiful post Casey! Reminds me of my husband and I.. Love that love, truly is so special so one of a kind. I was just telling my guy this last weekend how out of everyone in the world I knew so quickly he was the one because more than anything, I knew that he was thinking the same thing as me on several occasions and I knew i'd never find that anywhere else. I'm not sure I believed in soul mates until I met mine. love your thursday posts!

  6. My heart is melting. I can't wait to see my fiancé become a father.

  7. Katy H says:

    This is so beautiful, Casey! I love your love for your family.

  8. Kati O'Brien says:

    So beautiful and so true. When I see the way my fiancé looks at our kids, it truly makes me fall more in love with him every time. It is the best feeling in the world.

  9. Lauren Wilde says:

    So beautiful! Love how you capture the human experience!

  10. Lauren Wilde says:

    So Beautiful! Love how you capture the human experience!

  11. oh_so_mojo says:

    I sometimes ask my husband if he gets sick of me gushing about our son all day. I must say, "isn't it nuts HOW much we love him?" 50 times a day in different ways. And he's probably the only who who wouldn't get sick of that because we share that love. You describe it beautifully.

  12. Andrea says:

    I am here for the first time, via Pinterest of all places. I couldn't help but smile at this post. I think families take time to settle in to being, but when they do these love moments just open up and shine sunshine on everything. I agree, there is a whole different love to share when children are involved.

  13. That last sentence tightened my throat up a little and made my eyes water, perfect description of marriage and family and the bond it brings you!

  14. You have perfect children. l want to have children like yours. l hope l will.

  15. So beautifully written. Sometimes I forget how much I love my husband and what a beautiful gift he has given me, our son. Being a new parent is definitely a challenge and a test for marriage. It's making me re-think the pointless bickering.


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