Today is my birthday :)…it’s been a sweet one too. I think back on my life and through birthdays and tonight through little laughs and sweet little voices singing me Happy Birthday I sit here in gratitude that through the ups and downs, I have landed here. Here is good. It might be messy and broken at times but it is so so good. I woke up to flowers and cinnamon rolls, was delivered my favorite ice cream cake and ended with dinner surrounded by my favorite people in the world. 

And for a little fun nostalgia…. two pics of me as a little one….

I had a few photos on my phone from lately that I wanted to include below as well. We have two particularly big things happening over here in our little world that I am excited to share about soon. God has been so good and faithful to us in this season. The kids are all doing so well. Tomorrow we take Aiden to one of his new school picnics for next year where he can start to make little friends before Kindergarten begins. We have committed to a private school for next year and could not be more blessed already by this sweet community. It is so hard to believe it’s all happening! 
In highschool for a Senior cheerleading video we were asked where we hoped to be in ten years. 
I am here. Exactly where I always dreamed & hoped of being. That doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps and a journey along the way. It means details look different. But being a wife and a mama and pursuing my dreams…I am here. And I am happy.
Thank you for my sweet little family for being my everything and making today (and everyday) all I could ever dream of.


June 25, 2014


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  1. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY!! Cheers! xoxo

  2. emma kate says:

    happy birthday gorgeous woman. x

  3. oh my goodness, Aiden looks just like your baby pictures! too cute! and happy birthday 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  5. Ember Grey. says:

    Happy Birthday, Casey!! Wishing you many more beautiful and blessed days with your sweet ones! (And I am going to have to state the obvious – Aiden + You = twins!!! :))

  6. Ruthie Hart says:

    Happy birthday gorgeous girl! What a blessing you are to so man, so glad you are in my life!

  7. Jess Temple says:

    Wishing you the happiest birthday and thank you for always blessing us with your sweet words and beautiful photos! <3

  8. Happy birthday, birthday buddy! It's my birthday today too! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Here's to a wonderful year ahead 🙂

  9. Vicki says:

    Happy Birthday Casey!!

  10. Happy Birthday! The pictures of your kids are beautiful! I love ice cream cake too 🙂

  11. Rachel Bevan says:

    Happy Birthday for yesterday lovely lady!

    Just started reading your blog and am in love with your heart and view on life.


  12. Happy Birthday! I've just found your blog yesterday and I really love it!

  13. Niken says:

    happy birthday, Casey!!!!!
    here's to another year of adventurous life

  14. Angela says:

    Birthday's are special in my home too! Hope you enjoyed every second of it. Your photos are breathtaking!

  15. Happy Birthday! Judging by those pictures you children are going to be copies of you! How about some baby pictures of that handsome husband for comparison?

  16. Ali Smith says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day of celebrating!

  17. Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for putting your heart out day by day and inspiring us all!

  18. Tanya says:

    Happy birthday Casey! I found your blog maybe a year ago now and love keeping up with it. Oh, and your kids look exactly like you as a little one, it's kind of crazy!

  19. Happy birthday sweetie!! Here is to many more years!

  20. I love the way you dress and photograph your children!! you have a real eye!! totally stalking your site for inspo for my next shoot with my boys!!

    Tara Belle

  21. oopsiemaizie says:

    happy birthday, casey!

  22. Andrea Darst says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!

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