a dream.

It’s always kinda scary putting dreams out into the world. Especially in a public space where people can see you succeed or fail in a very non-private way. Regardless there has been something really freeing for me over time about putting my dreams out there. Something that makes me have to face the fear with all that comes with failing. And the approval of others.

Every once in awhile I will get someone who will say to me, you should write a book! I am not anything special, I don’t use grammar or spelling correctly often, plus about another dozen reasons why that idea seems silly yet there is something about it that I think would be so beautiful. I have fallen in love with writing words and compiling thoughts and memories in this space and I view a book in a lot of the same ways. Ideas of how creativity and thoughts and feelings and memories and art could all dance together to make something really beautiful. Yet, my answer is normally something about how if the opportunity came I would be thrilled but it isn’t something right now I really felt like seeking out on my own.

A few months ago I got an email about contributing to a book with a range of other writers and my heart stopped. I felt like it would be a really amazing opportunity to get a first chance at a deep tucked away dream. It is one chapter about a subject close to my heart and a really beautiful opportunity to do this with other writers, some that I know…others that I am getting to know. One in particular that I have looked up to for quite awhile and whose own personal book has touched me deeply. 

In the fall the book title, my chapter and more details will be announced. Excited for a first step in a little dream! And excited to learn from these other ladies, to learn more about this process and where it leads my heart in the process.



May 23, 2014


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