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(From where I left off last) he spent Thursday (day and evening) with the super-talented Promise Tangeman and then Friday with the sweetest, Natalie Falls. I have gotten to know both of the amazing ladies, their hearts and just could not be more thrilled that they will be sharing their stories in this film. Promise is gorgeous and is so beyond talented at what she does. And Nat has a beaaaautiful story- raw, heartfelt, open. Perfect. 

 On Saturday he will spending all day and evening with Kelli Murray and there is something about Kelli that immediately drew me to her. She is sooo talented and beautiful, yet so so humble and graceful. Her fam is darling, just get ready!

Oh and my girl, Oh Dear Drea did an awesome update with adorable pics here!!

Then, Sunday he will pick me up from the airport!!!
 (If you are reading this then I am still in CA now and scheduled this lovely update)!
More updates soon!

I also wanted to mention. 
After Apple was born, someone hit Christopher (he was driving my 4runner that I got when I was 16) and totaled it. Since then we have been a one car family. 
One of my very best friend’s dad leased out this beautiful black truck to Chris for a great price to drive while he is on this trip! 
I wanted to share because the truck has been awesome and I would love to share his company with anyone in the area who might be needing to lease a car! 

info for that here: ( website // facebook // twitter

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July 31, 2013


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