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(From where I left off last) he traveled to North Carolina and first spent the evening and next morning with sweet Boho Baby Bump ( you can read her recap here). Then he traveled over and spent the next day & evening with the amazing Dear Baby ( you can read her recap here). Both of these sweet girls mean the world to me and having them involved in this makes my heart soar! 

Then he headed up to Maryland and snagged an interview with Casi (you can read her babble recap here) and then kept on going right up to New York! He spent the first day in Brooklyn with Latonya and Darling Clementine. I am not sure if I mentioned it before or not but he will be interviewing a few shops/businesses as well to hear their perspective on how bloggers play into growing their businesses. 

Then the next day he spent the day in the city with A Mommy in the City and then all day today and tonight he is with JenLovesKev and Danielle Burkleo! Tomorrow he heads to Boston to hang with my girl Bridget, Tales of me and the husband

oh and Anna did a beautiful recap post here from his time in Georgia!

Thank you so much for those who are following along!! It just means the world to me/us…you have no idea!!



July 3, 2013


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  1. Thanks for the update! It's been so fun following the journey and feeling a part of it! Hugs and kisses to you and your babies xoxoxo!

  2. These pictures are great! I love that you and the interviewees are doing little recaps so we can all follow along!


  3. Mandy Rose says:

    Love following along and reading your updates Casey!!

  4. Cannot wait for the updates every day! Absolutely loving this!!
    Hugs to you guys

  5. Amy Bramer says:

    oooh, i really love this. so cool. and i am finding a couple blogs i did not already read. lovin' it.

  6. I haven't yet commented but I am following every step of the way and read all your posts and all the pictures on Instagram. You and your family are so sweet and beautiful and I can't wait to purchase the film when it comes out! Blessings to you.

  7. Ok. SIngle best decision to have Bridget included on this. DYING. So excited. 🙂

  8. gina says:

    love the update! I have loved every single time a blogger I follow posts about Chris's visit. Cannot wait to see the finished product :).

  9. Leah says:

    I'm following you and Chris on IG, and as soon as I see who he's visiting, I start following them, too! This is so very exciting!! 🙂 I've been thinking of and praying for all of you during his time away. Happy week to you!! 🙂

  10. Olivia says:

    I feel like ya'll are geniuses for coming up with this amazing idea! I am SO excited to see the final result! It has been so much fun following along and seeing all of my favorite "famous" bloggers be a part of it. I can't imagine how much you miss your husband but how very cool that he is getting to meet so many of your friends!!

  11. Franchesca says:

    All I can think of is how brave each of these faces are!!!! And of course you and your family.. the sacrifice this must be! I cannot wait to see this film!

  12. This is so great! I'm so happy for you!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have so enjoyed reading about this adventure for you and your husband! A fun, interesting and timely subject matter to explore and so encouraging to see other believers stepping out in faith to follow God as He leads!

  14. Ashley says:

    I am so excited to see the finished project. Your family is so inspirational and beautiful (inside & out). xoxo!

  15. These pictures are incredible! I'd love to be able to take photos like that…

    Lydia x

  16. What a neat experience for him. I bet you and the babes miss him dearly, but how often do any of us get to experience such wonders and meet so many amazing people? Continuing to pray for his safe travels and journey back home!


  17. I love following you both on instagram and keeping up with his travels/adventures! I can't wait for it to be finished!!

  18. Gabbi says:

    I'm keeping up, this is just so great and exciting. Can't wait to see the end result. Hope your doing ok with those 3 beautiful babies.

  19. so excited to see this finished product!
    kw ladies in navy

  20. How exciting! Love reading your updates and keeping up with your sweet fam <3

  21. I can not wait to watch this documentary! 🙂 So exciting!!

  22. Alice says:

    I have been following both of your IG feeds! Love this idea! Can't wait for the finished movie!!

  23. I'm sure all your comments are the same, people saying they are excited and congrats but honestly it's so true! I love how you have so much love and support on this project!!! It's amazing and so inspiring to read along. I haven't been in blog world as much lately so I was catching up last night and was checking everything out on this project! Sending lots of love and encouragement your way! 🙂

  24. Lynn says:

    I love all the updates your giving! It's also such a great way for myself to discover some of these amazing women and their blogs! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  25. Casey, I just love this project! I love finding these new to me bloggers! And I'm so inspired by the way you and Chris support each other. It can't be easy to have your husband gone, but your sacrifice seems to be creating some really incredible connections all across the country.

  26. Casey, I just love this project! I'm spending a ton of my day sitting and nursing a newborn now and these new-to-me bloggers have been inspiring and helping me get through all this down time. I'm also so encouraged by the way you and Chris support each other in working on your dreams. It can't be easy having your husband gone, but your sacrifice is contributing to all of these incredible connections being made. Good job girl.

  27. Lea Culp says:

    This is such an interesting project and I so enjoy following along. You are such an example of a supportive wife. Good for you! Will this be televised at some point? I sure hope so!

  28. BRIGHTLIGHTS says:

    The photos are great and this is so interesting.

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