chewy granola bars.

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Hi readers! I’m Mary Beth. I’m a wife, mum, photographer, and blogger. If we were to meet in real life, you would find me in my skinny jeans and a plain tee, camera in hand. If you came over to my house, I would most likely be in the kitchen, cooking or baking something…for you.
I would tell you that my journey with food began in a big house in the woods when I began cooking for my large family as a teenager. 13 total siblings, to be exact. I wanted to learn it all…how to bake bread from scratch, roast a turkey for thanksgiving, and make cranberry bread in the winter. And it’s there that I learned something: the kitchen is a love language all it’s own. I learned that there is beauty in that space…in hidden places.
And I guess I fell in love with it.
The process of making and creating art with ingredients, and giving it back to the people you love.

Annapolis & Company

I’m still cooking for the people I love…mostly my three kids and my husband. And although my life has gotten busier and fuller, I still revel in putting together healthy food for my family.
Today I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes I’ve found. As a busy mom on the go, I’m always looking for healthy options that’ll satisfy my cravings for something sweet, but give me lasting energy to boot. My kids always have endless requests for something to snack on, and when I discovered these granola bars a few years ago? 

Well, they fit the bill.
Even my husband, who needs a little coaxing to enjoy healthy whole food, loves these.
 To death.

You can totally make this recipe your own, mixing in your favorite combinations of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. 

Here’s my favorite combination of mix-ins below…

Annapolis & CompanyAnnapolis & Company
 1 cup natural peanut butter {or sunflower butter} 
2/3 cup honey
 1/2 cup coconut oil
 2 cups oats 
 2 total cups combination of coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds
 {or your own combination of nuts and dried fruit} 
 Chocolate, chopped and sprinkled on top

:: In medium size sauce pan, melt together peanut butter, honey and coconut oil.
:: Remove from heat and add oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and coconut. 
Stir well…

Annapolis & CompanyAnnapolis & Company

:: Press mixture into pan {I used a pan slightly smaller than a 9×13 and it was perfect.}, if you use a 9 x 13 you don’t have to fill it all the way, just spread to your desired thickness and sprinkle {while still warm} with chopped chocolate.
 {I like to press the chips in a little and sometimes I sprinkle with coconut flakes too.} 

 :: Chill for 2 hours in fridge and cut into bars.

 :: When we’re not devouring them, we keep ours in the fridge so they’ll stay “congealed”.

Annapolis & CompanyAnnapolis & Company

And you must know, these are divine with a glass of almond milk. 
Take it from me. 
 Xoxoxo, Mary Beth   


May 3, 2013


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