thoughts unheard.

I have this analogy… there is a woman leaving the hospital in her car,
she has experienced a death in the family and she is driving home in a fog….a disarray
driving slow
out of sorts
and a woman in another car angrily swerves around her, throws up her middle finger, shouts something, honks & speeds past.

The woman leaving the hospital barely can see through the tears, in almost a slow motion turns her head and connects eye contact for a moment with this hostile, angry person.

There is a moment where their eyes meet and the woman who has just moments earlier lost so very much is looking at this person thinking

if you only knew

If you only knew…would you treat me this way?
Would you extend me grace & mercy?
Would you try harder to understand why I might be doing the things that I am doing?

Isn’t that an interesting way to views social media & blogging as well?

Like… it’s so easy to look at the snippet someone shares on instagram or a blog and assume we know everything?

What if there was more to each story? Way more happening behind the scenes.
Reasons for decisions.
Explanations for actions. 

I read this post by Jami this week and I loved it so incredibly much. 

I love the idea of always celebrating others gifts
others blessings 
and not only loving well but
celebrating on their behalf.

There are areas I used to share so freely about and then I feel like somewhere along the way I might have lost myself a bit…a little fear crept in. 

the desire for acceptance. 

I have faced my fear head on this year and in so many huge areas won such great victories.
yet still fight moments of pulling back.

I wonder if it is always a balance? always a battle?
Sometimes I can’t type it out fast enough and other times I just feel so quiet.
Sometimes confident in my thoughts and with my words.
others not so much.

Last night we had part of our Holy Week at church and there was a moment where I felt so ashamed. The God of the Universe loves me….and for some reason I am still concerned with how people see me. 
That they understand me. 
My heart. 
My intentions.

all of that is just pride right? Gross pride that I need to die to. 

I think it is so important to be kind and loving yet find some balance between letting people’s thoughts and assumptions on you take over your thoughts. 

I guess it is in the amount of weight in which you carry it. 

I have processed through so many seasons on this little space. 
So many beautiful moments have been walked through with this lovely community.
Such beautiful people. all out sharing their stories…

All these inspiring people, chasing their hopes for this one life. 
I want to celebrate you. Your victories. 



March 29, 2013


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  1. Kaara A says:

    I so get that. There are times I could care less about sharing my life and then there are times I'm too concerned about what everyone us going to think. I've always had issues with self esteem and feeling worth it. So I've slowly grown to a place where I'm not so concerned anymore, though if does still happen. I try to remember people will judge me either way, so I might as well be myself. And that if I'm doing the right thing in my Gods eyes it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
    I'm glad you shared this, I needed to read it!

  2. Your words tug at my heart strings and are just struming like a guitar riff. It's so SO very easy to look at someone and think, "Wow, what an easy life they have, how lucky they are, how happy they are" all the while not realizing they're going through something awful, something challenging, something personal that could feel like the walls of their world are closing in around them. So true, love to share and read all the heartfelt posts everyone shares. It feels like you know them a little better, relate to them a little more.


    Jean {What Jean Likes}

  3. Ah! This is such a great post Casey! Yes…gross pride, that I too need to die off. It's so incredibly hindering! I needed so badly to hear these words…your words tonight. Thank you!!!

  4. I am so thankful you decided to make these thoughts into words… you have a way of speaking truth with such tender care yet boldness as well. Simply beautiful.

  5. Megan Clark says:

    I was thinking about this earlier today, I'm just starting out and there's this little voice that tells me I need to write something better than the last piece, grow my audience. Every time I read your posts, I am reminded that people will listen when what I'm writing is organic. Even if they don't, that's ok too. No matter what, the space is ours. It's a funny thing, writing a blog, it's one of the few things left in this world that I truly can control. It's my mind, my thoughts, my hopes and dreams and if I keep it true and honest it will always be MINE. Thank you for reaffirming the fact that being myself is the greatest gift I can give myself in this journey.

  6. You are simply precious. My heart just gets your heart. Don't stop being you. Don't quit sharing. But remember that it *is* ok to protect the things that are most dear in your life– and sometimes that means withholding the full story. You'll always know when its the right time to share your pearls. LOVE you.

  7. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness, friend. This is so so true. Your analogy had me crying – we only see a snapshot of each other's lives here on our little blogs and social media outlets… something so important to keep in mind.

    adore you & admire you so much.


  8. These words are gorgeous, friend. I've had to start praying "Let me see the Jesus in them" about people lately. I don't know where my impatience and frustration have come from, but I hate acknowledging that in your analogy, I'm the angry lady. :-/ It's a good thing Jesus has grace and mercy and strength for us when we stumble, huh? Thank you for sharing.

  9. Your words, so raw, so full of love, and feeling are always so beautiful, just like your heart is. Thank you for always making us ponder! I linked my story too above, you are sweet to give us a chance! Xoxo

  10. toi says:

    this touches my heart so much.

  11. Annie says:

    I don't think we'll ever lose that part of us that seeks acceptance; that's the flesh speaking, and although we're seeking to die to the flesh, its call is still powerful and we're still captured by it physically even though we're Christ's spiritually.

    I don't much worry about what people think of me anymore, but I know there are times I still battle the war of what people think of me versus my intentions and mistakes. I would like to think that when Christ calls us home finally, He will give us the full grace we need to understand the paths others were walking in the times when we were not so gracious on earth.

  12. The story about the cars coming from the hospital gave me chills. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes that I always tell my students "be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle". I think we can all benefit for remembering that in our daily interactions, especially with strangers. (I know I especially need to work on this when I am in a hurry!) Thanks for the beautiful post, Casey.

  13. Leah says:

    Put God first and stay true to sweet beautiful YOU!! 🙂 Hugs, friend!!

  14. brittany says:

    i totally relate to being super concerned about others understanding who you REALLY are. knowing your heart, your desires, your intentions. there are a couple of people (family) that are pretty harsh and i just feel like they will never get to know ME. i put a lot of effort and emotion into wanting them to see my heart. i never thought of it as pride but yuck. thank you so much for these beautiful words. xo

  15. This is beautiful, Casey! I try my hardest to practice the art of thinking beyond the surface with people I meet or pass on the streets… that just seem to be "going the wrong way." YOU NEVER KNOW. Like you said so well!!! My grandma always said, "Those who deserve love the least… need it the MOST." I love that. I love you. Have a blessed Easter with your lovely family <3

  16. Bridget says:

    well casey, you know i love this.

    it reminds me of the post i wrote about shannon and steve and their last date at bertuccis. just more of that 'you have no idea what people are going through' thing. it is so true. we know so little about one another as bloggers really, even though i think a lot of readers would think we're showing it all. the old 'walk a mile in someone elses shoes' would allow for so much grace and mercy if we'd really live by it!

    xo my dear!

  17. Anonymous says:

    What a great post!! The message is indeed important, and the way you so eloquently wrote about it is beautiful.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What a great post!! The message is indeed important, and the way you so eloquently wrote about it is beautiful.

  19. 17 Perth says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for posting.

  20. Amberly says:

    I loved this post! Thanks for sharing!


  21. Kassie Rew says:

    Beautiful and convicting… That part of feeling ashamed because you care too much what others think, when really we just need to care about Him…that is me right now! Thank you for your words!

  22. This is so beautiful. It puts everything in perspective when you stop to think of what someone else could be going through. We've all got something.


  23. i think of the same thing Casey, when driving or seeing other people in the world or online. if they only knew. if i only knew. if we only knew how Jesus felt… we all need a lot more patience, and grace. amazing post Casey, as always.

  24. brenda o says:

    you are probably too busy to have time to watch Marie on the Hallmark Channel but her statement that we(females) should stop COMPETING with each other and instead COMPLETE each other. just think about what a different world this would be.

  25. Baby Meg says:

    Your writing always brings tears to my eyes. Always makes me feel so much better and positive about life. I'm so glad that you do what you do.

  26. Shio Waline says:

    I love this! I have a dear friend of mine, that has taught me this by her example. She has had situations where she has dealt with not so nice people. But she doesn't lose her cool or be rude back. And I've asked her how she does it, and all she told me was that we don't know what that person is going through or what trials they are facing. There is always a reason why people act negative, or some sort of story behind it. Thank you for sharing this, it great to have this reminder 🙂


  27. We LOVE you casey! This is the first time I've seen your blog. My sister was so touched by your post about Aiden, she sent the link to me, and I cried. I'm having a baby boy and I can't wait for all our simple, wonderful, memories ahead.
    I am a new follower of your blog now, because you feel like an old friend.
    And YOU help us to remember the big picture, God's love.
    He uses you to express that to us.
    And He loves YOU so much.
    You helped me today to see that's all that really matters.
    Thank you.
    From your new follower at

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