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I have been meaning to do a follow up post on eating clean. I wanted to document it for myself as well as share a few things that I took away from the whole experience. For 21 days we ate clean- you can see the book & program in my original post above. I cried for the first days and realized somewhere along the way how much I love bread & chocolate. 

The first 11 days were really hard. Then it gradually got easier and easier and by the end of the 21 days this is what I took away:

* I officially traded in my dr.peppers & cokes for tea

* Instead of going into the kitchen and eating a hotdog or chips for a snack, I now can eat a piece of celery with almond butter and feel just as full and way better!

** A few people asked about nursing mamas// my doctor said that as long as it doesn’t effect your supply this is wonderful! Think about all the nutrients being added to your diet!!

*What about the kids? They ate some of it and didn’t eat some of it. They love the pecans, smoothies, chicken, veggies and juices! But I also still made them muffins, sandwiches, cookies and breads. I think a good mix of them both works well for us!

* The 80/20 rule- this is huge!!! Mine might even be more like 70/30. It means 70% of the time you eat clean and the other 30% you eat what you want. This rule is the key for me. I know it’s not entirely ideal but it’s where I am at right now! When I was doing the 21 day program there were moments I could either give up on the whole thing or cheat with a piece of chocolate or a bowl of oatmeal. To me, the 30% for a lifestyle change/ a lifetime of change is worth it. So yes, I am cool with the occasional hamburger, the occasional splurge, eating a big yummy meal at your friend’s dinner party, enjoying cake at a birthday party…because overall (70%- 80% of the time I will be trying to eat totally clean).

* Instead of ketchup, gluten free soy sauce is a great way to add flavor!

*Always have what you need! If we are hungry and don’t have the right stuff to make a good, clean meal- then we wind up eating bad…just what is convenient. So being prepared is really important. 

The last thing that I wanted to add is that through the process I realized for the first time in my life that I am actually allergic to certain foods. This has been life changing! 

If anyone is thinking about doing it, my motto was- I can at least do this for one day and I can always quit tomorrow! 


February 24, 2013


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