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*what I look like most nights…sitting at my computer writing out my thoughts

This post seems so simple. 
Like I should have known this my whole life. But I had this small epiphany this week. 
It was on my post about the Colorado shootings…and someone’s comment said,

“casey, you said it best with your last few sentences … people make bad choices… we live in a fallen world…this earth is not heaven.”

This earth is not heaven.

I try so often to make sense of evil in this world. How can a loving God allow little girls to be thrown into sex trafficking? Or why does he allow a man to go take innocent lives in a movie theater?

And the answer in my head needs to be simple now.

I dont know why. 
But I do know, this earth is not heaven. 

And heaven is where it will all be made right. Something about that makes me feel better.

so simple. yet impacts me greatly.

Another random thought I had this week. 
Kelle Hampton‘s posts pull at my heart strings on a regular basis and she did a post this week about “raising kids together”- she talks about getting on a plane and how each time her dear friend says to her “Your kids are my kids.”.

that totally got me! tears!

I always want to know that if something ever happened to me that my friends and family would treat my babies as their own. 
That they would tell them for years and years how much I loved them, how they were my world and made me happier than I knew I could be. 
That if Chris and I were gone….they would let Aiden sleep in their bed and that they would make Ainsleigh her favorite snack at the right time everyday.

I want people in my life who say “your kids are my kids”.

I dont just want to hear it.
I want to see it.

When Aiden falls, I want to see you dive to help him & comfort him.

I had a friend come by in the past month who I see very rarely because she lives far away. We have been friends since we were little girls and when she came by I was so incredibly struck by the time and attention she gave to my little Aiden. 
She sat down on the floor, pulled him to her lap and slowly (in no rush whatsoever) went page by page in his favorite snake book. 
She asked him about each picture and got excited with him about each little thing.
She barely knows him yet poured so much love into his little soul in that short time.

He felt her love.
And that meant everything to me. 

In a matter of 45 minutes she went from being a dear, cherished friend to me…to a level of family in my heart.


July 27, 2012


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  1. You pull at my heart stings a lot, as well as Kelly Hampton. Beautiful post!

  2. Ellie Coburn says:

    Love you Case. Had to rush over and read this sweet post after you talked about it on my blog! This is so moving. Hope all is well, sending an email your way soon. Apple is almost here! Keep holding on! You're almost a mama of three!


  3. B says:

    crying big tears from this post! so good Casey. I want friends like that too… not just for my future kids, but selfishly for ME as well! people NEED that type of friend in their lives. 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    The world needs more people who are willing to go out on a limb for each other. Seeing as most of us live far away from our families of origin, having "families" are more important than ever.

  5. aw, love you, girl. your writing is always so inspiring. happy weekend! xo

  6. Amy says:

    Love how you put things in perspective. You see everything through God's eyes and are truly inspiring!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This was so encouraging to me! This is what I want to be for my friends. Probably 2/3 of my close friends are mamas, while I am not. It's really important to me that I love and cherish their kiddos as much as I do them. This was encouragement that it matters to my friends. Thank you! I'd love to love on your babies. Seriously – kids are the best things in the world. That's why I'm a nanny.
    xo Alanna

  8. That's so sweet! I love the idea that my children will be loved by people other than their parents, and that I will love other people's children.


  9. My best friends and I always say "You have friends, you have family, and you have friends who are family." Praise God for those friendships!

  10. Ashley says:

    This thought–Earth is not Heaven–was on my mind today, too.

  11. monique says:

    your comment "your kids are my kids" really struck a chord with me.

    last year, i randomly met this girl (or shall i say, woman) at an infant mommie n me class. I am a very shy person, so I normally keep to myself, but this girl, for some crazy reason she sought me out. she needed a referral for a dentist and so i told her about mine. and from that little piece of shared information, a friendship grew by leaps and bounds. and now one year later, she has been my closest friend.

    one of the most awesomest thing about her is that she loves my kids. I have never had friend a like that. she loves me kids. she always tells me how much she wants the best for my kids. she hugs and kisses my kids like they are her family. to have a friend like that is just simply amazing.

  12. Amy Lynne says:

    It is so nice to see other people love your babies! Makes it feel like the kids have so much more support!

  13. Cathy says:

    Maybe its my pregnancy hormones….but this post made me cry! I feel the same way….I want my kids to be loved even if I were not to be around. You have a precious friend! Those are rare!

  14. I love both parts of this post, but the first part….it's so right, I have had that epiphany before too. How do we explain death, why does it happen, why would "God" let it happen?

    The answer isn't that he can't stop it, but God gave us choice in this world. That is why it is so real and special when WE CHOOSE HIM! Because we have freedom to choose him or not to choose him. And like you said we live in a fallen world, which is also because of our sweet God giving us choice, and that is also the answer, we live in a sinful world, with sinful people, (we all are sinful), and that is why bad things happen. Because this is not our home. This earth is not how God originally created it, but one day all things will be restored back to it's rightful place, and even greater.

    But thank the Lord that he created us in such freedom, and isn't a powerful God that plays his people like pawns of a game. Instead he is a powerful God that moves as we pray things in!

    thank the Lord!

    I really enjoyed this post!

  15. Kristin says:

    Casey I always love your posts, even when they make me cry like a big baby 😀 I think you have such a beautiful heart that you are so connected to, and it shows through in everything you write. I also wanted to share a scripture with you..when I see things like the Colorado shooting I am reminded this. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12) Love you friend and Happy Friday XoXo

  16. Kate says:

    Earth is not heaven is something I knew, but reading your words really put it in perspective for me.

    Those friends are so special. They make life a little more peaceful.

  17. Kassie Rew says:

    Beautiful. Always.

  18. Lottie says:

    i want my baby to have that when she is born, especially as i was lucky enough to have that as a child. my mum's best friend has always been there for us and her children are like my brothers and sisters.

  19. love this post. you are so right. this earth is not heaven. and that is something to be thankful for and to have hope for.

    beautiful post!

  20. Love everything you said! WE don't know why God allows bad things to happen to good people. WE do know that He loves us unconditionally. He won't take free agency away from us because now is the time to make choices that will make us worthy of Heaven. Unfortunately some people abuse that free agency and innocent people have to suffer. I know that God turns many of these unfortunate events into miracles. They bring us closer to Him. And like you said..ALL things will be made right in Heaven

  21. Anonymous says:

    So bittersweet the thought of your dear friend being there to tell your kids for years and years and years how much you loved them. I lost my grandmother when I was just a toddler. I remember her from memory flashes, but also from a friend of hers who tells me about her every time we see each other. She tells me how much my grandma loved me and fills in the gaps of my memory with her stories.

  22. Brit says:

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts this morning. I just returned from Haiti from a trip of ministering in villages with so much heart break & seeing children & families experiencing true brokenness and suffering. I've had a difficult time this week processing this fact that, this is not heaven & this is not our home. However I know the one that brings joy, hope, faith, healing, & gave me restoration. Thankful for the gift of Jesus. Thanks for the encouraging words today.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You are beautiful at night by the way! Its funny you posted about this because just 2 days ago i babysat my little 'honorary'niece and nephew, and we went about their nightly routine just as if mom and dad were there. I say honorary because they are my best friend's kids, not my brother or sister's, but all the same, they still call me Aunty and my husband Uncle, and i love them to bits and pieces for it because i love being their 'Aunty' more than anything! And they listen to and respect me as though i were their real Aunty, and i'm on a pedestal as the fun one too, which is always a bonus 😉

    xo Lissa

  24. Priya says:

    I loved reading this! That statement is truly precious. I'm not a mom yet but I love reading your blog because it gets me excited to feel that way one day, and have those awesome moments. And I truly hope one day I have someone to take care of my kids that way! Thanks for sharing Casey!

    perfectly priya

  25. Lovely post Casey. I always appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. I am reading the book Atlas Shrugged (a very poignant book on fulfilling the very best of our abilities and striving for ultimate happiness on earth) and Ayn Rand the author, offers a differing opinion than yours, and so I thought I would share a quote:

    "Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be left waiting for us in our graves- or whether it should be ours, here and now, and on this earth."

    I wrote that quote down a while ago…because I believe it. I strive for heaven on earth. Because, although we do live in a world that is "fallen," we also live in a world that is beautiful and good. Tragedy is not our natural fate. Neither is suffering. And if we encounter it, we fight it.

  26. Roselle says:

    When I question, I have to remind myself that "the Lord doesn't micro manage". Now I can use your sweet reminder that earth isn't heaven.

    My parents are long gone from this world. My father adored me and the love and cherishing he bestowed upon me has carried me thru many a heartache and/or fear. So, yes, it's important to know that there will be those that will love your babies like you do BUT that said, EVERY teeny tiny moment you spend with them is what is going to stay with them for as long as they live. So, yes, as a parent, you worry about the future, but you are building a safe haven of love for them to go out in the world someday and be stronger for it.

    Be well!

  27. brittany says:

    yes!! there is nothing like seeing someone love on your kids. i really love this post, as usual 🙂

  28. pakosta says:

    such a sweet heartfelt post, so touching….I know exactly what you mean. Once I wrote out EVERY Single thing about my girls that they could possibly need/want incase I died on a plane trip and it still didn't feel like enough , since kids change over time and I just know nobody could ever love them like I do, well except maybe my two best friends!

  29. Alyssa says:

    Your heart is so awesome! (: I hope you have an awesome weekend! (:

  30. {annie_loo} says:

    each post you write, it's like you are reading my mind!

    i read that kelle hampton post too. such a touching and true post!

    happy weekend!

  31. Cindy says:

    Brilliant post about heaven!!

  32. Teryn says:

    The Bible teaches us that there is opposition in all things. We know the greatest pain so that we can contrast that with the greatest joys. A just God can, but wouldn't stop people from making their own decisions because those people that make the worst of decision will have to stand before him and be fully accountable for what they did. The beauty of it all is as you said, that someday, it will all be made right in Heaven and this world, is not Heaven. And just as those who make the worst of decisions will have to stand and be accountable for those decisions, those who make good decision and embrace the goodness and light God has instilled in each of us can feel the greatest joy and peace in the presense of a loving Heavenly Father. I loved your thoughts on this subject 🙂

  33. God DOESNT "allow" it. Just like our free will and love, he can't stop people from choosing to deliberately disobey Him. if they aren't following God/Jesus, then they are Satans. period. And Satan hates us and loves watching us make bad choices. So when a parent doesn't follow the Lord, and their children were never taught, well that's how evil inflicts innocent (in a nutshell, obviously there are many reasons and more complications, but we need to stop asking "why") Like you said Casey, it's a Fallen World . Or like the Shooter in Colorado, he was demon possessed or as Pyschologists call it "schizophrenic". He was the vehicle of the Devil, and as tough as it may seem to many, God loves him and we need to pray for him.

  34. Alisa says:

    Beautiful post.
    I also read Kelle's post and was all teary by the end. I posted it to facebook and wrote about my love my friends children and how when friends and family love on my kids then love on me.

    I had some health issues recently that required 3 neuro surgery's and also on another scare had to have part of my breast removed. I spent that time wondering what would happen to my kiddos if I was gone. Hoping friends would stay in their lives and love on them.

    A little later a friend have known since highschool said to me she was so scared through it and had had a big talk to her hubby saying that no matter what they would be a part of my kiddos lives. They would take them under their wings. THAT made my love for her grow. Made me feel so much hope that my kiddos will be loved no matter what.

    Sorry for the big comment…. 🙂

  35. MJW says:

    I adore your blog more and more as you write. I loved this post! I always share your blog with others! This was a blog worth sharing with others. Keep writing Casey! You are an inspiration! 🙂

  36. Anonymous says:

    It's a good simple explanation why their is so much hate in the world even though God is around us all. There's only one heaven and it's not here! If you have a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts.

  37. Isnt it so beautiful to see other people truly love your kids… Im with you all the way. It does make them like family so much quicker. Im missing living near friends that embrace my kids that way. thanks for sharing this

  38. Joyeful says:

    I love this post–it's everything that's been on my heart lately! Especially the part about "your kids are my kids". That's so huge on my heart–to love other people's children as my own!! I just wrote a post about that a couple weeks ago 🙂 Nothing is more powerful than a love like that and I definitely want it for my own kids, too!

  39. Windy Ridge says:

    Oh my gracious! This is the post my heart wanted to write, but never did.

    Earth isn't heaven, so true, I say that all of the time.

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