I wanted to have this on my blog too, for future! 
This is my “advice post” that I posted on Ashley’s blog today! 


***I am not a “shop owner” but I want to give some advice before I begin from a buyer’s standpoint. In my opinion it is worth it to get professional pictures taken of your products. I know this can be expensive but some photographers will trade product for photos!!!
 I am posting pics throughout this post from
to show what an impact their product photos make. Not only are these two ladies incredibly talented with awesome products but their photos are professional and look awesome. It’s worth it to have you shop looking its best.

I feel a little silly giving advice. But here is my opinion on things- take it for what it is, just an opinion!!!
1. Stepping on Toes/ Blogger ETIQUETTE: Be careful asking other bloggers to give you a “plug” , or to post something on their blog etc etc etc. There are a lot of ways/ things you can ask that will put the person you are emailing in a tough spot. If you catch their attention, they will ask. If they want you to guest post for them, they will ask. If anything you can ask them to guest post on your own blog for a start! Or be a sponsor on their blog. I don’t have extra money but I decided from the beginning of this a portion of what I made from sponsors would go back in to sponsoring other blogs… I value people’s time and the hard work they have put into their spaces!!!
2.Sponsorships: Sponsorships are huge. But you also have to use them to your full advantage. You have to be active…Do a giveaway! I know some people say…I dont want to do a giveaway and someone just following me for a pair of shoes! Well, I dont look at it that way. I have never ever followed a blog because I want to enter a giveaway…in my opinion it gives you that solo attention to give people the option to see what you have to offer and they will either like it or not. So maybe you specialize in recipes….and someone who loves to cook sees your giveaway. They wouldnt have found you otherwise- and now are going to become a loyal follower! I personally think that SOLO/paired giveaways are what bring the traffic! Choose a blog that is some.what similar to yours….if people are following that blog and yours is similar they will most likely enjoy yours as well. Choose blogs that you think will best represent you! 
*Also, I look for blogs that are growing. If they are growing readers monthly then if you sponsor them monthly, that is constant new exposure!
3. Starting sponsorships on your own blog: This is what I did: I emailed like 10 blogs that had the same followers as me and asked them if they would be willing to trade for a few months while I “figured the whole sponsor thing out”…then I found 5-6 bigger blogs and emailed them and asked permission to put them listed as a sponsor for free for a few months. This does a few things… is people think ” wow she has Gussy, Litttle Miss Momma, Just lovely things, etc all sponsoring her blog!” It makes you look good to have big names on there. And you havent rubbed them the wrong way in the process. THEN you will start getting emails from new bloggers who see all your sponsors and want to start paying. My whole trade/free process lasted about 4 months then I got more and more emails and I started slowly dropping off my free ads and my trades. I started accepting paying sponsors around 600 followers.
4.Do Link Ups on other blogs: This is a GREAT way to meet other bloggers and get new traffic heading your way! It’s literally free advertising. I used to do 5 linkups a week when I was starting out.

5.Twitter: Twitter is a FABULOUS network to meet other bloggers; promote your shop & blog. I have met so so so so many people through twitter! Get on the bandwagon, it is worth it. Such a fast, easy way to instantly connect.

6.Comments: Everyone loves comments :)…..and usually if you leave an intriguing comment or leave them consistently the person will head back over to your blog. Oh and take off word verification! People are more apt to comment on blogs without it!
7. Be a space worth following. Maybe it is just the artist in me but I am very drawn to blogs with big, beautiful pictures. Wide blogs with big pictures are fabulous in my opinion! If you aren’t using photobucket or picnik, check them out, they are AM.AZING. Also, I think it’s worth it to have a blog design that you love, that feels like you! If your look and whole feel/vibe is warm and inviting….people will want to come back!

8. Blog about what you know. It would be silly for me to blog about things I don’t know…it wouldn’t be real- and people see through that. If fashion isnt your thing, dont focus on that…focus on what you love, what you are passionate about.

9.Variety: I sometimes struggle with this but VARIETY. If you only post about one thing then you are “zoning in” on one audience….the broader your variety…the more people you can reach!

**** ALSO**** I posted this post awhile back about following blogs… I am going to include it again! Anyone is welcome to pass it along, use it, link to it!

*This post is for people who read their favorite blogs daily via facebook, twitter, other people’s “blog rolls” or maybe just look them up daily but aren’t actually following.

I have had a lot of people tell me that they like reading my blog or a certain blog but don’t know how to “follow” or maybe are unsure of what “following” a blog is. So here ya go…

What is Following?
If you have a favorite blog and want to let the author and readers know that you are a fan… you can do that by “following” their blog. 
I think it is a nice way to say we “support” you and what you have to say! 

You do not need to have a blog to follow one. So following isn’t just for bloggers, it’s also designed to make it easier for readers to keep tabs on their favorite blogs.

Also, you can choose to follow publicly or privately.

So select how you’d like to follow the blog, then click the “Follow this blog” button.

It is that simple, you are now a follower of the blog! If you elected to follow the blog publicly, your profile picture will be displayed on the blog with a link to your Blogger profile.

That’s it :). Just a little fyi !

If you have a number of blogs you enjoy, go follow them…it will mean a lot to those writing them, a good way to send support their way.

Also, if you follow a blog that you think others would benefit from, you should post about it…share the love. Even if you don’t know the author personally, and possibly have never even commented on their blog before….you never know who you will be blessing/ helping!



November 9, 2011


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