are you a follower?

*This post is for people who read their favorite blogs daily via facebook, twitter, other people’s “blog rolls” or maybe just look them up daily but aren’t actually following.

I have had a lot of people tell me that they like reading my blog or a certain blog but don’t know how to “follow” or maybe are unsure of what “following” a blog is. So here ya go…

What is Following?
If you have a favorite blog and want to let the author and readers know that you are a fan… you can do that by “following” their blog. 
I think it is a nice way to say we “support” you and what you have to say! 

You do not need to have a blog to follow one. So following isn’t just for bloggers, it’s also designed to make it easier for readers to keep tabs on their favorite blogs.

Also, you can choose to follow publicly or privately.

So select how you’d like to follow the blog, then click the “Follow this blog” button.

It is that simple, you are now a follower of the blog! If you elected to follow the blog publicly, your profile picture will be displayed on the blog with a link to your Blogger profile.

That’s it :). Just a little fyi !

If you have a number of blogs you enjoy, go follow them…it will mean a lot to those writing them, a good way to send support their way.

Also, if you follow a blog that you think others would benefit from, you should post about it…share the love. Even if you don’t know the author personally, and possibly have never even commented on their blog before….you never know who you will be blessing/ helping!



May 11, 2011


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  1. Ashley says:

    Good post!!! You explained it perfectly 🙂
    By the way… LOVING the music you have playing on your blog!

  2. sara says:

    thanks for this, casey. i've had a hard time understanding lately why other bloggers are seemingly stingy about clicking that little 'follow' button. seriously, what's up with that?! very frustrating for me!!

  3. i follow your lovely bloggity blog!!!
    have a fab day, friend 🙂

  4. great explanation 🙂
    Blog following makes me happy

  5. Josie says:

    I have no problem telling a favorite blog author that I'm obsessed with their blog. PS: I'm OBSESSED with your blog 🙂

  6. I LOVE this! 🙂 Totally linking this on my blog to explain!

  7. Amy says:

    That was a great post! Loved it!

  8. j says:


  9. Samantha says:

    Thanks for posting this I am definitely going to give it a shout out on my blog, cause a lot people tell me they don't know how to follow!

  10. Breeann says:

    Thanks for posting this, friend! I think it's so important to show support to fellow bloggers. I follow a lot more blogs than I ever used to, but I love it! I got so much inspiration and encouragement from it 🙂

  11. Great explanation for sure:) And I loved Josie's comment above. So cute.

  12. the lowes says:

    great little explanation! I may have to post a link to this! love!!

  13. Marie says:

    great post! I linked to it on my blog! 🙂

  14. katie says:

    Going to have to post this on my blog. Great job explaining, Girlie! Thanks!

  15. Tara says:

    I LOVE THIS! You are perfect. I am sharing it with EVERYONE!

  16. Tara says:

    AHHH! Also, LOVE the chalk pic with Aiden. I totally did chalk with the girls yesterday. Let's have a chalk date.

  17. Ali says:

    GREAT post! As a fellow blogger, I love to feel the love of followers joining my "support" group. It's the best thing ever.

    Feel free:

  18. Ali says:

    GREAT post! As a fellow blogger, I love feeling the love of someone following me and joining my "support" group.

    Feel free:

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Stumbled across your blog via a link up party somewhere else.. love it! Love your pics and your posts.. thanks for sharing your heart! It's a blessing to this new mommy for sure 🙂

  20. Rissy says:

    haha I love it Casey! you said that so nicely… I call the people who read my blog and don't follow it "lurkers." That's mean huh?

    I love being a follower of your blog : )


  21. stephanie says:

    great explanation. people ask me all the time how to follow my blog lol it makes me giggle. from now on i'll point them to this post! xo

  22. Preach it sista! Highest form of flattery… when people follow your blog 🙂 Hope you are having a blessed week!

  23. Michele says:

    It took me a long time to figure the whole blog thing out so this explanation would have been really helpful when I was new to the blogosphere. Great job! I was definitely a stalker long before I was a follower, but now I share blog love when I can. It's okay to be a follower 😉

  24. myriahmae says:

    I follow your blog sweet friend. thanks for always being real and posting such encouraging things!!

  25. Emily says:

    ok love the new look! also, i watched your videos on Gussy's blog and hope this doesn't sound creepy, but it was so good to hear your voice! you are beautiful casey 🙂

  26. I am Megan says:

    It's a sweet post to remind people that we actually like receiving comments and followers. It just gives that extra little boost when you see you have a new follower.

    I also think that if you receive a new follower, its also nice to go check out their blog and either follow back or leave a comment. That's what I usually do. So, it means I'm almost following about 80 blogs. That's a lot! I think. 🙂

  27. Lindsay says:

    This is so great! And so true. I feel like its a weird competition..but it should not be like that at ALL. I found your blog via Sweet Home California..and I love I will follow!!

    Delighted Momma

  28. Kelly says:

    Im so glad you reposted this! I was JUST talking about this with a friend a half hour ago!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Great post! Of course I follow you 🙂

  30. Megs says:

    I agree with what you said that it is a great way to support one another!! I know I feel so much love when I see that people actually do follow my blog and enjoy what I write. I feel like I open up quite a bit on my blog and it can be scary. So when I see that people choose to follow me I feel so much love from them and it helps me be confident in my writing. Thanks for sharing this with others!!

    and feel free to follow! 🙂

  31. Thanks for posting. I'm a new blogger and have lots to learn.

  32. Jessica says:

    I LOVE this Casey!
    I hop you don't mind that I am linking to this post on my blog, in am attempt to get more of my readers to officially follow.

    Thanks for all of the info and great words of advice 🙂

    XO, Jessica

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