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We have an extremely fun and busy weekend ahead! So excited!! Saturday we have Aiden’s NICU reunion and I absolutely cannot wait for all of his nurses and doctors to see him! Plus sometimes I feel like they helped me emotionally through that time more than anything so I am so excited to hug them and thank them a year later!!! Here are a few pics from those hard days…it is amazing how far we have come! God is so good!

Also, last weekend Chris did the Dallas 48 hr film festival. Here is a small post from their website about the weekend:

Filmmaking teams from throughout the Dallas area successfully completed a weekend of filmmaking. Films were due on April 25th, and the last few minutes before the deadline saw filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushing to get their films in on time.

Friday night they got assigned a category and his group got “horror”…well we laughed about this bc we are not the “horror” types BUT we did stay up late Friday night laughing about it and making fake blood. Then Saturday morning Chris left at 7 am and did not return home until 8pm Sunday night. He literally filmed/edited all day, all night! Crazy! I got a sneak peek of the final project and once again he never ceases to completely amaze me. After the screenings and awards this weekend I will be able to post the final project! Not only did he edit the film but he was in it! Here are just a few pics!

And here is Aiden’s “First Date”!


April 29, 2010


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  1. the Jennings secede from the South

    April 30th, 2010 at 11:22 am

    That is so cool! 48 hours of film festivals…wow. I don't like scary movies either but it looks impressive!

  2. Amy Marable

    May 1st, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    They are such a cute couple!

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