My husband, Chris, LOVES to make people’s dreams come true. Since I have met him this is literally his passion, his favorite thing. He wants to make everyone’s dreams come true….mine, Aiden’s, his parent’s, his brother’s, his friends…everyone’s! It is so sweet. He has made a million of my dreams a reality…I am not exaggerating! Before Christmas he decided he was going to convert our attic into an office/workout/art studio for me…he literally took on this massive project all by himself! (I think I have posted before that he can build/fix anything). It took him 3 months of working when he got home from work and weekends….he built stairs in our home and created the greatest upstairs for us! So here are a few pics!!!

Also, this past week I told him that I really wanted to start jogging (I know, who decides to start this while pregnant?! I am probably kidding myself!) and also gardening. Well, he came home from work with new running shoes for me and a carload full of flowers! What a sweetheart. We had the best time this weekend planting as a family! Aiden ate so much dirt it looked like he had been eating oreos all day :)!


April 11, 2010


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  1. Your yard looks amazing! And your attic! I am so impressed.

    Henry loves to eat dirt too…little boys are funny.

  2. you hubby is so talented and sweet. tell him the room looks GREAT! I absolutely can't wait to see your beautiful house one day 🙂 love you friend! thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog!

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