passion, art and a party to plan…

Recently I received this email that went out to a group of artists and it got me thinking…

Dear Friends,

Each of you is an artist whom I admire. You get up each day and use your God-given gifts to try and make the world
a more beautiful place. I love you for that.

This article struck me about what it means to be an artist. Most of us know how it feels to live check-to-check,
to try and justify a life of creativity in a world that overwhelmingly rewards the businessman. This article addresses
that passion for creation in the most unlikely of places.,0,4616334.story

Thanks for what you do, for who you are … and keep going!

I am always struck by what an amazing artist God is….and how profound His creativity is in this world. I mean nature is HIS art….its real and beautiful and if heaven is beyond what we can imagine….think about the creativity that will be there. I always wonder if I will be an artist in heaven. It is what I am most passionate about in this world (besides my family and friends of course). Everytime I paint something I hope that in some tiny way it is a way I can give back my gifts to God. This email is true though…for the most part people that are in my “art” world….musicians, painters, photographers, etc….don’t make in the world’s standards tons of money. I guess in some way we are all trying to capture how we see and appreciate the world and justify it’s rewards in a kingdom minded standard. This is from my book on heaven:

“We will serve God in heaven. Work in Heaven won’t be frustrating or fruitless; instead it will involve lasting accomplishment, enhanced by unlimited resources. I imagine that people will express creativity in all kinds of ways.”

It will be amazing.

On a completely different note…..I have been planning Aiden’s first birthday (even though it is 3 months away) and cannot wait to celebrate this little guy’s birthday!!!! Here are a few sneak peaks :)!!!!


January 2, 2010


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  1. the Jennings secede from the South

    January 4th, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Can you believe that we're headed towards 1st birthday parties?!??

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