Kangaroo Care

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy this week and it had a little baby in intensive care. On the show they were doing “Kangaroo Care” and it reminded me of all the times Chris and I did that with little Aiden when he was in the NICU. It is the most phenomenal thing.This was our favorite time of the day…. It is when you have skin to skin contact with the baby for over an hour. When you do kangaroo care the baby’s heartrate is good and his breathing slows down to where they want it… between 30-50 (breaths per minute). His breathing rate had been between 60-80 breaths per minute. Which is high. His oxygen saturation needed to be in the 90’s (90% at least) before he was allowed to leave and it had been 40-70% before we would hold him “kangaroo” style. When Chris or I would hold him to our chests his oxygen sat would go to 90-95% instantly. We would sit and watch those monitors all day and night and it was absolutely incredible to watch the numbers change as soon as he was held. It is the most special memory to think back on all those times with him. It seems so long ago! We have a crazy story leading up to his arrival that ended with an emergency c-section but every single moment with him has been an absolute gift. Daily I look at him and think what an indescribable blessing and gift it is to have a child. I am truly honored that God trusts me enough to give me Aiden…and hopefully lots lots more.

Still snuggles with mama :)….


November 8, 2009


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