some new firsts…

Okay so a quick update on some big firsts for our little man:

1. He has slept in his own room for the past 2 nights and has gone to bed before 6:30 both times (the earlier we put him down the happier he is). I actually really miss him when we put him down now because he sleeps for like 12 hours! He’ll cry a teeny tiny bit in the night so I’ll do “dream feeds” where he basically eats in his sleep and then falls right back to sleep. I have actually gotten used to waking up every couple of hours so it’s not that bad anymore…
(also, sidenote is that Chris rigged our video monitor up to our TV so we watch him at night while we sleep on our big screen)
2. He is smiling all the time now! Especially at blondes, isn’t that funny?! Almost everytime!
3. Tomorrow will be the first time he is dropped off at the nursery at church. I have had anxiety all day about it but I know it will be fine! We have only left him a few times so this is still very new to me.
4. He went to the Dallas Museum of Art for the first time this afternoon and slept the whole way through, haha…it’s okay though :).
On a side note, Chris and I’s anniversary is on Tuesday and I truly feel so blessed to have been married to him for two years and together with him for four. The past four years I have been challenged more than ever to live to a higher standard, think eternally, love bigger, follow my dreams and to pursue God’s purpose for my life in a whole new way. I am extremely lucky to have found a man like him…I feel blessed that he pushes me to be all that God has hoped for me to become and am grateful that God thought I was worthy to be with him for life :).


June 14, 2009


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  1. Adam Jennings

    June 14th, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    That boy likes him some sleeping! How sweet! I can't believe he's going down at six! Maybe we should try that with little man, it is kinda his fussy time of day. We've been moving earlier and earlier. It sounds like things are going well for y'all. Thanks for the update!

  2. Katie and Justin Cox

    June 14th, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Caden LOVES blondes too! So funny! Glad I'm not the only mom with separation anxiety! Ug! 🙂

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