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Gifts for Her: Shop Small Biz one ( membership coming  soon)  | two | three | four | five | six “When buying from a maker, you’re buying more than just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks, and months of frustration and moments of […]

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    Thanksgiving Recipe Favorites

    Thanksgiving Recipe Favorites As we head into November, lets revisit some of our past FAVORITE recipes for Thanksgiving hosting and holiday!!!  Lets kick it off with the Thanksgiving DIY runner from last year. Hand off some of the Thanksgiving day prep to your kiddos with this simple, DIY paper leaf Thanksgiving runner. With just a […]

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    Halloween Recap!

    Halloween Recap! Halloween may have looked a little different this year, but we truly made the most of it and still have special memories! I wanted to be sure that our kids still had a chance to celebrate and have fun. These moments are fleeting and I don’t want to take them for granted. We […]

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    Creating an Art Wall in your Home

    Creating an Art Wall in your Home One of my dreams for our home, is that meaningful art and photographs will fill every room. I’m often asked how I make our home feel warm and homey, and I truly believe this is one of the most important details. Art brings in personality and makes you […]

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    Messy Topknot Video How To

    Messy Topknot I want to share three quick and easy hairstyles with you – these are my go to’s on busy days, or even leisurely days around the house. It doesn’t have to take tons of time to rock these and there is just something about these that makes me feel ready to tackle my […]

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    Creating an Adorable Room for a Little Boy

    Creating an Adorable Room for a Little Boy There is no shortage of photos of beautifully imaginative and whimsical girls rooms floating around. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love decorating my girls’ rooms! But lets today chat about our boys! I’ve gotten lots of questions on our son, Aiden’s room, and thought that I would […]

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    Best Seller on Amazon, My new Affirmation cards for Women

    Best Seller on Amazon, My new Affirmation cards for Women You guys are the BEST!!!! I have no words, just an overwhelming flow of gratitude!  My Affirmation cards on amazon went to a #1 best seller in the first 24 hours! THANK YOU!  62 Affirmation cards just for you! Each one with my art, my words and […]

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    A peek into our weekend and life lately

    A peek into our weekend and life lately I am a true believer that there is absolutely no place like home. In my heart of hearts, there is nowhere that I would rather be, than at home with my precious family. There’s nothing like slow weekends, snuggled up together. Making our home feel warm and […]

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    Holiday Mug Round Up

    Holiday Mug Round Up one | two | three | four | five   A good Hot Cocoa bar or a warm coffee during these cold days is the absolute BEST. Here are some of my FAVORITE mugs this holiday season to add to your list!  enjoy! 

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    How to Display Your Affirmation Cards

    How to Display Your Affirmation Cards one | two | three | four | five   I could never fully express how much joy it brings to my heart to imagine each of you displaying my art and words in your homes! The thought of surrounding you all with beauty and encouragement is such a […]

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