Adding Whimsy To The Kitchen

Adding Whimsy to the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home, and I love it to feel special for our family. There’s something about adding whimsy into a kitchen, that makes the whole house feel warmer and more inviting!

I love for our kitchen to feel like a place where memories are made, holidays are celebrated and so much is shared together!

Here are some ways that I add whimsy into our space!
1. Add a wreath above your range or kitchen sink. I love how a simple wreath can bring greenery or flowers into a space and liven things up!

2. Fresh flowers! This is the perfect inexpensive way to bring life, color and whimsy into any room. I instantly feel brighter when I walk into a room that has fresh flowers.

3. Twinkle lights! It’s clear to see that we have these all over our home, but honestly I think the kitchen is a space that you might not think to add these. On a countertop, woven into a wreath, above a cabinet etc. they are so dreamy at night or early in the morning!

4. Set the table with dishes and place mats that make you happy! There’s so much room for whimsy, colors and layers of personality when you set the table with things that you love! My girls love to set our table!

5. Probably my favorite thing in our kitchen, other than the people that fill it, is our diffuser. The dreamiest scents going while I’m cooking, tidying up or washing dishes make the chores feel so much more enjoyable! I love love love citrus scents in the kitchen!

6. Art, photos, quotes etc. These aren’t just for your living room or bedrooms! Frame a photo that is dear to your heart or hang a family mantra on the wall! Our families spend so much time in the kitchen, so this is a great place for those special reminders!

I want to encourage you to find something simple that you can bring into your kitchen that will bring you joy each day!


May 15, 2020


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