makeup bag & hair extensions.

I get a lot of comments & questions about my favorite makeup, my skin routine & favorite hair products so I thought it would be fun to put together a little post about it. I have sort of put it off (for like a year) because I don’t feel like I know all that much, but here is what I use anyways!  

 First up HAIR! I have always had thin hair that doesn’t grow fast! After Apple was born I started clipping in extensions to give me a few extra inches and a ton more “fullness”! It has made a HUGE difference for me! It all started after I saw this post & realized that I could have the hair that I have always wanted!! This is another great post!! I spray mine with a little dry shampoo and curl them just like I do my real hair. You might be thinking why or where would I need these but seriously they are so quick to curl and clip-in…. its almost easier to use them! 

Where do I buy my extensions? I use: They originally sent me some and now I would never use anyone else, their extensions are amazing. Beautiful, soft and great quality. If you want to know the exact ones that I use, these are them and you can see some amazing before/ after pics here!

My sweet friend over at Freshly Picked Moccs uses Lacedhair as well! (pic here)

Makeup/Face: I have been using this facewash since college but am considering changing to some new products that I was recently introduced to … I will let you know! I have never worn makeup on my face but just recently was given a sample of this BB Cream and have found myself a little hooked! I also just found some beauty posts on pinterest that have me itching to try some new products, so I might need a part two to this post soon ;)! 

Links at the bottom to where you can find all of these others below!

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October 12, 2013


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