You know somtimes when you are really upset about something and say something you don’t mean out of hurt or passion?

Well something I have been thinking about a lot lately with this blog is change
And how I am changing and my ideas /views on things are changing and how sometimes that can be strange when you have a blog. 

Like when you feel a certain way…or maybe are fueled by something else going on in life, or talking out of fear, or a whole  range of options…and you post about them. And then months later your thoughts change.

I changed pretty drastically from highschool/college to who I started to become in the next phase of life. So if I had blogged in college I probably would be deleting blog posts left and right, rolling my eyes at outfits and so on and so forth. 

Every once in awhile I will get a critical comment on an old blog post (from months and months before) and when I read the comment and then read part of the post I will think, “wow, I think youre right!” 

I tend to be very “moldable”- like if someone offers me criticism more often than not I am going to try and see the truth in it and change it in myself. 

I am not sure where I am even going with all of this- except that there are have been moments on this space where I wrote “in passion” or “in fear” and now months later I am not so sure about a particular statement or view. 

The weird thing about having a blog is that it’s out there forever. 
So people reading are seeing you grow up
seeing you change… 
seeing you be molded

and that could possibly be embarrassing. 

I imagine I will roll my eyes at age 50 at a few statements or outfits that I made/wore years before….but I already sort of feel that way at times. 

But I think it’s worth it. 
I am okay with embarrassing my self a little as long as people give me mercy as I change and as I “grow up”.
So I guess bare with me as I work through all of this, 
as I work out viewpoints, thoughts and more. 

Some may change.

Some already have.

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May 4, 2012


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  1. Tarah says:

    this post hit home. i have changed so much over the years but especially since becoming a wife and mother. than you for your inspiration and honesty.

  2. Franchesca says:

    How true is that!!! I have read things from my own old blog posts and rolled eyes and gotten a little embarrassed that I said that 'out loud'! Thanks for writing this, I can definitely relate.

  3. Delilah Love says:

    I look back at some of my older posts and I do cringe at a few of the things I may have said in anger or without thought. It feels wrong to delete them though, they show how far I'm come and how different I am now. I think that's important for my children to see in the future- that mommy made mistakes too.

  4. i totally agree. How many times I go back and want to remove posts. I regret writing as soon as I've written it, but yet I can't move forward either until I've written it. So it is what it is, it's part of the journey, and I walk life with it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I honestly feel the same way sometimes. Looking back & thinking "why on earth would I post that", but it's a good way of keeping track of how far you've come, what's different or still the same & how you're growing up. Change is good:)

  6. Well said! There are a bunch of crazy people out there too that read the things us bloggers have to say, and sometimes it gets a lot of criticism. Good that you can take what you write and learn from it.

    Along Abbey Road

  7. sister. always mercy here. you are beautiful, and you are growing.
    that is healthy and
    keep pressing toward the king, marinate in his word, he will guide you and your sweetie family. LOVE you. xo

  8. wow Casey, this is totally true. I haven't nearly been blogging for as long as you have and I already look back at old posts and think "wow, why the heck did I write that?" but I guess it's what you felt and thought in that moment, and it's kind of a blessing to be able to look back on it and see how you've changed and can move on from being that person. thanks for posting this. I support your posts always! as well as your growth and change!

  9. Arianne says:

    I have been blogging for 8 years…you can only imagine how I've taken posts down over that time! And I think I have a LOT more I could erase and feel so much better. I have no qualms about deleting them. Actually I should do that soon. It's cleansing. <3

  10. this is exactly why we all blog 🙂

  11. I have never thought about this. Thanks for placing this is my mind. <3 kylie

  12. This is such a good idea!

  13. Lovely Light says:

    Nicely said. I hadn't thought about this, but I totally agree. Consistency is important, but change occurs around us and we must be flexible.

  14. Keni says:

    I know what you mean. that is what prevents me from writing about certain things. Fear of being too bold or of offending someone and fear of sharing too much. We do all change over time and thats ok. I appreciate your honesty.

  15. Laura says:

    I looked at my profile page just yesterday…had no idea I had been blogging for FOUR years.

    And so of course, I have changed. And grown. It has been FOUR years of my life OUT THERE…for the world to read.

    And I agree with you….the embarrassment can be HUGE. But I think the beauty in seeing MYSELF grow in leaps and bounds is worth it.

    My blog started as a very snarky, sarcastic, view of my life as a mom.
    Four years later, it is all about my relationship with God.

    of course…I still l have my sense of humor, and my jokes tend to be off color, and some say I "cross the line"…old time readers of mine, I believe, do not know what to make of me. BlogHer has no idea, for sure, how to pitch me to clients. I think people never knew that even a good faithful Catholic girl can talk about sex and life and all those things we think but are too afraid to say. But God gave me my voice…my humor…and it is a gift that would be wasted if I didn't put it out there.

    I am not too good at change. Initially.
    But thank God for it…

    I love where I am now…
    maybe next week I won't…

    but I live for the moment..
    I choose to glorify the Lord with my daily routine…
    and I embrace the change ahead of me…
    when you live with your eyes and heart open to all that God has planned, change can only be good.

  16. Your words are beautiful and so very true! We are always changing, with sadness and happiness there will always be change, we never stop growing. <3

  17. Candice says:

    This is so true!
    Back in high school, I found old diaries from when I was a kid and I was so embarrassed about what was written that I'm pretty sure I threw them out!
    Now, I wish I hadn't because that was all part of my story. All part of me learning, and growing and becoming me!
    That's partly why I love blogging, I think. My blog is my diary, but its the only one I've kept for a significant amount of time. And of course I go back and cringe at some stuff, but I'm so happy to have it because one day it will be important to me to reflect back on my journey.

  18. This is right on. I think about that when I look at old photos from high school and college too…why the heck did I wear that?! Or reading blog posts even from a year ago, I can be tempted to delete them. It seems like growing up doesn't really stop, huh? Happy Friday!

  19. dalima26 says:

    As you know I am not a blogger; im a blogger reader and love reading your blogs and others too. I dont think that you should be embaressed by the things you write, you will be surprised how many people have a lot of things in common with you and can relate to most of what you write. You are an inspirational person with a beautiful soul and I am so glad that I have found you. Keep on writing and posting photos of you and your beautiful family..Take care and have a wonderful day..Maria…xxx

  20. Beth's Blog says:

    I have noticed this about myself and my blog too. My thoughts and opinions and views keep changing and evolving. I easily become embarrassed because of this. I am a very shy person, but really we shouldn't be embarrassed. Its kinda like a writer. When you write something, its the best you can write at that time. However, when we write it, we are gaining experience; so therefore when we reread it, we are already changing it and making it better. It is the same way with our thoughts and feelings and views on ourselves and the world. I think a blog is a good tool for us to see how much we have grown and changed.

  21. Kasey March says:

    One Of my very favorite things about reading blogs is seeing how the blogger changes over time. It's wonderful to see an archived post that's silly or lesser quality than what a blogger is currently producing. It helps remind me that mistakes and change are the very things that make us better bloggers/mamas/wives/ and friends over time.

    You're an inspiration BECAUSE you change your mind and grow 🙂

  22. I love this post because it's exactly how I've been feeling lately. Growing up and finding yourself is already hard enough…but add into that blogging and journaling online for the whole world to see…it's embarrassing at times!
    But I think that's the best part! We're going to change and evolve and it's beautiful!


  23. I think this is something that anyone who writes struggles with. If you put it out there in the "forever" now, what will it look like later? I think that while sometimes it may be embarrassing a lot of times it is more about watching yourself grow and become BETTER. Each mistake we make, we learn from. Each bit of fear, we take with us and it changes us, perhaps making us unafraid in the light of a reality that has already passed and that we survived.

    Whatever the case may be, I think it is worth while to post as we are at that moment so that we can go back and see our own growth, so that others can see it and learn from us. I think that is what blogging is all about. Bearing witness to ourselves in front of everyone. It is a scary and beautiful thing all at once. You do it well though.

  24. Lindsey says:

    The beautiful thing about being human is that we are built to make mistakes and learn from them. We are also allowed to change our mind. The wonderful thing and possibly a curse when you have a blog is that all of this is happening in public, which I think we all think about when we start a blog or decide not to start one. Blogging means that we are being vulnerable and putting ourselves out there and sometimes we may want to take back what we said or we aren't going to like someone's response. The beauty is that it is still our blog and our words. You will always have that! Keep up your beautiful words and embrace the changes that happen as we age. There are sure to be more!

  25. After following several inspiring blogs such as yours, I've finally gained the courage to start my own. Just wanted to say, you've helped me along with this process (: I put one of your buttons on the sidebar on my bar so if I ever get any followers, they'll find their way to your blog.
    God bless your family.

  26. ginanorma says:

    that's good because the goal in life is change! God is the God of transformation, it's when we don't see that we are changing that we should be concerned!

  27. Heather says:

    i love this post! i agree, it's weird/difficult/inspiring to look back on old posts. so glad the link up is back! 🙂

  28. Holly says:

    Casey! I'm afraid I'm more of a deleter of past things that are embarrassing. I want to grow into someone who sees the growth. Thanks, love

  29. pakosta says:

    we all change and grow, that's the beauty of life!
    you are and always will be an amazing person, I can tell!

  30. Gabbi says:

    Dont ever be sorry for who you are in the moment. I think sharing your life on here takes alot of courage and that you have so many followers says alot about who you are. If someone doesnt like it, they should just agree to disagree. Your feelings are your feelings. Dont let anyone take that away. You and your family are precious. Your children are happy and you and your husband have special gifts. We all change, thats the beauty if life. Just be!

  31. Was meaning to comment earlier but didn't have time…anyways, I really relate to this, you hit the nail on the head! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Anna Watson says:

    i randomly found your blog through another blog that found you through another blog and so on. i just started blogging again a few months ago, but i totally get what you are saying here. i just wrote a blog about being yourself, actually. change is a part of life. it's inevitable and unavoidable. embrace it, and always be yourself 🙂

  33. kendra kay says:

    i found your blog today through another blog (so fun to jump around) and reading this post has prompted me to leave you a comment-which i have never done as i am new to this blogging world.:)
    i just have this to say and i hope it makes sense. i often look back on things i have done and said to people in my youth and it is NOTHING i would dream of saying today. i spend a good amount of time teaching my children to be kind and forgiving and that change and growth is good and if you are unkind to someone you should always apologize but dont make an apology for WHO you are.
    its the best to look back and see how far you have come and know that you will be continually moving forward and growing. and ya know what? it's all good. 🙂

  34. Charis says:

    I think that's it's a positive thing that our blogs change with us, that are thoughts and opinions can evolve in our little space. We are making ourselves more accountable to ourselves by putting our thoughts and feelings out there… it allows us to see ourselves in a different light and to look back at past posts and see if that is the person that we wish to be. I think my blog is helping me to shape a happier, better me.

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