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I’ve been itching to share this all week. When Chris and I were engaged and getting married I was 22 years old. I stood at that alter and had no idea what I was saying to this person as I repeated my vows. He feels the same. I recently said to our pastor “no one prepared me for what Marriage really is and what it truly means” and he replied… “no one can, no one is ready to receive it until afterwards.”

Wow, that is so true. 
It all makes sense now. 

Last Saturday night Chris and I went to  church and afterwards stayed and in an empty church… Just me, Chris and our pastor… 
We renewed our vows.

It was simple, heartfelt, beautiful.

It was perfect

This time I knew what I was saying. 
And I meant it. 
I stood there and wasn’t thinking of the wedding, or the cake. I wasnt thinking about our house, the honeymoon or all of the people there watching me.

I was thinking about God and I was thinking of Chris. And as each word flowed from my lips and unexplainable joy filled my heart.


self control.

 It is something that is “learned”…. And how do you learn something… You practice it. If being a gentle, patient person doesn’t come natural then PRACTICE it. After enough practice and imitation…. It will become real.

 Letting Him live through you. 

Do people see Jesus when they meet you? Does your spouse? Do your kids?  



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June 30, 2011


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  1. Bethany G says:

    So happy to have found your blog. This is so beautiful.
    I loved how you said to PRACTICE. Wow. So blessed to have read this. Thank you!

  2. I read alot of blogs and I love them all… your blog is the only one that makes me feel like Im reading my own diary. Is it too strong to say that I love you? Probably seeing as Ive never met you! Oh well… I do. Thank you for making sense x

  3. Michelle says:

    love this post. so beautiful and filled with such truth. i bet your renewing of vows was filled with deep emotion. how perfect. those little babies of yours are very blessed to have you two. πŸ™‚

  4. Kelly says:

    I've started writing a comment 3 times and have erased every one because I can't put my thoughts into anything eloquent after reading that. ha! Basically, it was beautifully said and touched me to read how much love you two have for each other and God. You are wonderful!

  5. well ~ i guess congrats are in order. πŸ˜‰ beautiful, really beautiful. cheers to a happy long life togeter!

  6. well ~ i guess congrats are in order. πŸ˜‰ beautiful, really beautiful. cheers to a happy long life togeter!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i oten think about my vows. if i could go back and redo the wedding all over again it would be so much more private and intimate.

    because wedding planning has gotten to the huge "party" that it is now, we often forget about the real meaning of marriage as a sacrament.

    so beautiful casey!

    thank you for sharing, as always!

  8. Can I getta Amen?! Wise words, girl! My husband often reminds me that nothing really prepares you for marriage except marriage (and I suspect the same thing goes for parenting?).

    Thank you for sharing this with us–you capture it all so beautifully.

    Congrats! πŸ˜‰

  9. ruthiehart says:

    this is such a beautiful post! I totally agree with you. It is hard to see past the frills of a wedding and I think what you and Chris did was amazing. I also love your question about people seeing Jesus when they meet you. I am definitely going to share that and this post with my husband. Thanks Casey!

  10. Keri-Anne says:

    congratulations to you both. i would love to renew my vows. It is my 4 year wedding anniversary today and my boy and i were talking this morning bout the wedding and i admitted that i hardly remember the wedding! i was a ball of nerves, i was shaking like a leave and nearly passed out and i dont even remember saying my vows.
    i cannot wait until the moment is right to say them again to my love x

  11. Oh my gosh Casey. My heart dropped when I saw the beautiful pictures and it stopped when I read about your renewal. I'm so happy for you and that moment.

    Love you!

  12. Lauren says:

    Casey this is an absolutely beautiful post. My husband and I read through our vows again every few months and talk about what new meanings they have at that time in life. It's just been two years, but it's amazing to see what we've already learned!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Practice makes perfect.

  13. Katie says:

    Oh that is great!

  14. val says:

    you are so blessed! I pray that I get this moment also!

  15. Mrs. T says:

    I agree with you. I have been married two and a half years and have learned so much about what I REALLY said on that day.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Ah, how beautiful! I hope to do that one day too!

  17. You are so RIGHT girl! I was 19 when I met my hubs, got married at 20. We had no idea what was in store for us. Next year we will have been married 10 years–I would love to do something like that–being able to look back and say, yeah, I would do it all again. XOXOXO

  18. Megs says:

    so beautiful and perfect!! i cannot express how much i loved this post!

  19. Toni says:

    So Beautiful, beautiful writing!

    much love-

  20. Suzzie V says:

    I know what you mean, I got married 6 months ago and from then to now I feel like I've learned so so much. The words we said then are more than what they were when we first said them. I also feel like I am in preschool when it come to understanding the vows, just beginning to experience how great love is. Love your post! Love you!

  21. Jami says:

    My hubby and I were 22 also. God has shown us many things since then. We say all the time that we had no idea what we were doing. I wouldn't change a thing. We are on quite a journey.

  22. larissa says:

    This is so beautiful. I love that you renewed your vows just you two and your pastor. I think a lot of times people do the whole big wedding thing to impress people rather than for the fact that they're committing themselves to that person for the rest of their lives. It looks like you've got your priorities in line.

  23. Sara says:

    Such a sweet post, Casey. My husband and I talk about renewing our vows all the time for the very same reasons you mentioned. Marriage is so much more than I ever realized before I embarked on the journey, but now, as I am 12 years in, I realize that with every struggle & with every triumph God strengthens the bond between us. Blessed by your post! Thank you πŸ™‚

  24. Everything you said is so VERY true!! I was married when I was 21 & 8 years later, I feel like I am still learning what it truly means. I always loved and have been devoted to my husband, but that is all so much stronger now. I think your pastor was right! Congrats on renewing your vows! That is so special! (I am a new follower…can't remember where I found you, but glad I did!)

  25. Lindsay says:

    wow, such a beautiful and special thing that you did… and I loved what you said about to people see Jesus in you. That is one thing that I have set my heart to make sure of and I hope it is true of me. I live for Him and I want that to be understood by my actions alone. I'm planning to share a little bit more about that in next week's on my <3

  26. Love this post, so well said! I love your blog! glad I found it! Please come check mine out!

  27. Live Joyful says:

    This is beautiful. I work at our church, and I told my pastor I felt similar to what you posted about. I told him I feel marriage counseling should be ongoing πŸ™‚ It does take practice — blessings to you and your husband and family.

  28. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE this so very much! I still cant believe what went thru my mind when I said my vows…I was so very young and had no idea what I was in for. Thank you for this reminder. Marriage is work…constant work!

  29. melody-mae says:

    how beautiful…truly.

  30. Jen says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, it has made me so emotional. I can only aspire to be like you; to have patience, patience to work at relationships, patience with my children once I have them, and to have as much of a beautiful soul as you do. You're an inspiration!

  31. Hanna says:

    this is a beautiful post Casey. i love that you renewed your vows with nobody there except you, the preacher and God. Lovely! Beautiful photos too:)

    xoxo Hanna

  32. This is such a sweet post. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  33. another beautiful, inspiring post, friend! love this.

  34. che'lyssa says:

    Amazing photos and what an amazing story of love! I pray for more blessings over your marriage and your family! God's plan for your lives are only getting better!!

    β™₯ Che'
    Lily Love

  35. Thank you for the inspiration.

  36. Jess says:

    absolutely gorgeous… and you are right, no one knows the magnitude of marriage. learn more everyday.

  37. Shelley says:

    hi beautiful !! love that you renewed your vows. we are doing that same 2 years in the exact spot on the beach with our same pastor that married us…can not wait !!

  38. Breeann says:

    This is so amazing, friend!! What a beautiful way to show each other…and God…how much you are still in love. And, to know that you truly knew what you were saying this time…so beautiful. Your example in your marriage is so inspiring. Love you!!

  39. First off: YOU ARE STUNNING. And your heart for our savior just tops it all off into a beautiful explosion. Just a little fyi.

    You spoke a lot of heart flowing truth here and I am so blessed I get to follow you now. Your family is lovely! AND the whole RENEWING YOUR VOWS AND REALLY GETTING IT THING was pretty encouraging. I often think that being spiritually independent and loving GOD will lead me to a perfect husband and perfect marriage because of GOD. But the truth is nothing on this earth is perfect or done perfectly except the will of GOD and GOD himself. He uses the craziest things to draw us closer to HIM and when he brought you and your hubby together He knew that you guys would be in church rededicating yourself to HIM and to the relationship He gave you. So beautiful. I love this post!! haha sorry for the novel. sending Blessings your way woman…


  40. Sarah B. says:

    It's so true – you definitely have a better grasp of the vows AFTER your wedding day :). How beautiful that you and Chris got the chance to renew!!

  41. Ashley says:

    so in love with your blog!! Your words are so real. Absolutely love this post. I feel like so many of my friends have said the exact words you did, "no one ever prepared me for this." So true about everything in life–including being a mommy. I thought for sure I was prepared, but I had no clue πŸ™‚

  42. Seriously in love. . . and that is so true. . .how special to be able to say that you and Chris would 'choose' each other all over again. . . after knowing everything about marriage and about each other. . . all the good and all the bad. . . y'all would choose each other. . . OH MY GOSH! Incredible! πŸ™‚ So didn't finish my post yesterday! I'll link up later on tonight! πŸ™‚

  43. Kelly says:

    i was 18 when i got married, i surely didn't know what i was saying. i was pregnant and marriage was the right thing to do. our priest told us when i found i was pregnant and we decided to get married that what we felt for each other then at that moment was nothing and if we truly put GOD in the center we'd experience what true love is. we rolled our eyes and thought "OK we know what love is" NOT we were lusty little kids, we know now what it means to love. then i only felt a fraction of what i feel for husband now.

  44. Mrs. T says:

    I might have commented on this post already… I can't remember… and I don't feel like looking through all 43 comments lol…
    But you always hear about all these celebs renewing their vows at fancy resorts in a tropical place somewhere…
    I would imagine that would take so much focus off the real meaning behind what you are saying. Like you said… your first vows you are so distracted… nervous because everyone is looking at you… hoping the rececption goes well… shaky because you couldn't eat all day and you can't wait for the delicious food.
    Hubby and I said we want to renew our vows for our 5 year anniversary… 2 and a half years from now… and we had talked about getting a wedding dress.. inviting a couple people who mean the most to us… but this has inspired me to think differently about it. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story and this perspective on renewing vows! I LOVE IT!
    (Sorry, for all the run on sentences…)

  45. Mara and Jae says:

    LOOOVE that you renewed your vows. just you two, in peace and quiet. that's something i've wanted to do ever since i got married a year and a half ago. you're so worried about everything else on your wedding day, you don't get a chance to realize the depth of what you're actually doing. i love this. thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  46. Grace says:

    These pictures are just stunning. You are both beautiful! and such a beautiful thing to renew your vows!!

  47. Dawn says:

    What a beautiful romantic idea.

  48. Cerrisse says:

    So beautiful! I feel the same way. It makes me want to renew my wedding vows. I got married by a LDS bishop because we couldn't find anyone else to do it. Their was no love, or even talk about God. I felt cheated to lose out on something so magical. Your blog inspires me!

  49. you are so inspiring πŸ™‚ great job being such an amazing example of committment and intentionality in marriage. the world needs that. i was 22 also. crazy to think back…culture puts way more emphasis on planning a wedding than preparing for a marriage.

    also, you'd be so proud. i'm going to try to recreate a piece of canvas art today that i saw in a store the other night. πŸ˜‰ have a great weekend, beauty.

  50. steph nelsen says:

    my recently turned 4 year old daughter, marrin, saw a thumbnail pic of you on my fb and said, "who is that mommy? i want to see her," so we clicked on your blog and i said,"it's a girl named casey that mommy likes to read about" and she said "i want to go with her" : )

  51. Cindy says:

    I loved the question you posed: Do people see God when they meet you? Does your spouse? Your kids? I'm going to keep this close to my heart as a reminder that the answer should be YES! And not just SOMETIMES. Thank you!

  52. TiffanyAnn says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing "o)

  53. congratulations on your vow renewal. i know just what you mean getting married young. you just can't know what you're getting into. we were 20 and so clueless. this past year has been especially trying and has really challenged those vows. in my own heart i've renewed them, that's for sure… but i think an actual "ceremony" would be in order for us too. thanks for the inspiration. i guess i always figured you had to do it when you hit the 25 year milestone or something, you know? but right now would really be the perfect timing for us.

    stunning photos too, btw. you guys are just gorgeous!

  54. Nikki says:

    Beautiful post. Beautiful you. Thanks for posting pictures of yourself. (finally!) You are God's beautiful creation. Your art, including this blog, is a powerful expression of His love in you and through you.

    I love your account of renewing your vows. I was 22 when I wed my husband and felt the same things you described. It is only by God's grace that we are still together (and in love) sixteen years later.

    God is so good!

  55. You're words are absolutely amazing. Inspiring. Heartfelt. Thank you. They touched my heart.

  56. CAW says:

    your family is beautiful!!!!! I love the photographs you share- your art is amazing- your love is exemplifying- i often remind myself to just be- and bear the fruits of the spirit.

  57. This is so beautiful…it really is a special thing to find the love of your life at such a young age, and go on this journey through life together. Look how far you have already come! A beautiful family, thriving careers, strong sense of faith…what else is there to ask for?!

  58. Lori says:

    i'm new to your blog, but i must say that this is one of my favorite posts, ever. i was married at 23 and was so NAIVE in repeating my vows after our pastor and not really understanding the meaning of "till death do us part." now, I understand. I get it. And it would be an amazingly beautiful thing to renew our vows.

    please stop over at my blog if you get the chance..

  59. Rissy says:

    I can't believe I am just now reading this! So incredibly sweet! I am not married, but every time I think of weddings, I think of everything and anything besides the relationship a couple is entering into with Christ.

    Great story Casey!


  60. Courtney B says:

    You two are just precious. Honestly, you are the cutest, sweetest, most trusting family ever.
    I love the faith you have in Christ and how your family bases your life of of Him. Such inspiration! Love it!

  61. Rhoda says:

    I just love this. We are in the talks of doing that too… so stinking happy for you guys! God is moving in your marriage and that's awesome!

  62. What a beautiful post! I believe that you must practice it. And letting Him live through you…

    Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment in your life.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. πŸ™‚

  63. I have been married for almost 14 years and we now have three kids. When I am at a wedding I feel like those vow that the young couple are saying is just words to them because I know it was just words to me as well at the time. However, after 14 years of marriage I know it is WAY MORE than just words. Now, I love hearing the vows said aloud and I appreciate them so much more and I pray that that young couple saying them will know the same feeling I have as I set next to my hubby. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your story. I happened upon your blog today and I want to tell you it is beautiful.

  64. Kristina says:

    I have been on your blog for a good hour and a half or so. Just reading, taking it in and this post clicked with me. In fact, my blog post today is so much like this in the way it's about having no idea what you were saying the day you said "I do". My husband and I feel the exact same way, it's weighed on my heart so long I finally blogged about it and posted it. There is such a deeper appreciation long after that wedding day – the marriage is such a bigger thing that day, you realize it so much more long after that wedding date though!
    Kristina @ A Perfect Dose of Life

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